Monday, December 22, 2008

Towel animals

The most unique part of a Carnival Ship is the tail. We were on this ship - The Carnival Fascination. It is one of their smaller ships, although it looks huge, it was dwarfed when we docked next to some of the other cruise ships. Our ship didn't have any balcony rooms either - but we had a large window in our stateroom. I was thankful for that - I was afraid we may just get a small porthole. It feels less like a small box if the window is bigger. My husband bought the cruise just a little over a week ago, so really we were buying what was leftover. We had a great leftover!

Our cabin Steward was so great. His name is Curtis. I never found out where he was from but I will say that he was one of the best cabin stewards we have ever had. One lady commented that she went to the bathroom twice in the middle of the night and when she came out the bed was made.

Our beds were made in the morning and the room/bathroom were cleaned. Pillows fluffed and water and ice replaced. Sometime in the afternoon/evening Tom and I would take a nap. We had the late dinner (8:15pm) so we were looking for something to do about 4pm - napping was always high on that list! If we left the room and came back before dinner, our bed was made again and the bathroom cleaned. When we returned from dinner, that is when the towel animals appeared on the bed.

Our last day at sea there was a towel animal folding tutorial in the Palace Lounge. It was during the time of something else, so I didn't attend, but I could have purchased a book that Carnival just happens to have on hand.

The towel animals are cute and I had to admit that I am always a bit excited to see what creature will be in our room each night.

I honestly don't know what this guy is - is it a seal? a walrus? Some sort of water animal I was thinking. No matter if I knew what it was or not - I was happy to see it. The little blue and red bits that make up the eyes and the mouth - those are just little bits of paper.

The yellow pillow is the one I brought with me but I didn't bring the dog. Especially not a dog that has its paws behind his head, lounging on my pillow!

I liked this animal best. I carefully moved it over to our little corner table so I could keep him all night.

I was very surprised at how comfortable the beds were on the ship. I was prepared to be disappointed (not much positive thinking going on there, now was there!) but the bed was very comfortable and the sheets were soft and they smelled like nothing. Ahhh, I love unscented sheets. The pillows were fabulous, too. I didn't even need to have my own pillow. I was very very comfortable in our room.

That's it for now.

I'll have more photos tomorrow.
and if I don't see you again before Christmas -
Merry Christmas!!



"J" said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm looking soooooooooooooooooooooo forward to our cruise!!!!! =)

Everyone talks about the animals on the bed! They always talk about the service! I hope we get good service!!! They know we are getting married so I hope that it makes it that much more special!!!!! =)

It kind of freaks me out to think that lady got up to use the bathroom and they came in her room?!?! That is WEIRD! I don't want anyone coming in our room at night like that! WEIRD! Does, that mean they watch us? I don't want anyone watching!!! Heck we are on our wedding/honeymoon!!! lol

I can't wait to PIG OUT on the food!!! I hear it's FAB FAB FAB!!!!! We will have two formal nights!!!! It will be like PROM all over again!!! HA!

I'm glad yall had such a WONDERFUL trip!!

When you wait till the last minute to book do you save money?!?!

"J" said...

PS - Merry Christmas Sister!!!!

I hope I can blog some while we are in Ohio!!!! =) I'm sure I will have LOTS AND LOTS to talk about!!!

Kirby3131 said...

I just sent you an email about this --- but the stewards do not come in the middle of the night - the woman was joking that they were so efficient, that she swears her bed was made even at night.

I didn't mean to freak you out about that!!

It is easy to pig out on the food - that's for sure! Just make sure you fit into your wedding dress lol