Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Happy Happy

The tree has been unpacked, the lights are lit, the ornaments are all on the tree, the stockings have been hung on the door handles of the entertainment center, a few strategically placed Santas have been placed and the house looks like a tornado hit it.

I just sent out the last swap package that I had. It's for the Stocking Swap hosted by Tara at The Well Rounded Woman. I have already received my package - it's the purple package under the tree. Tom will take out the goodies and put them in my stocking Christmas Eve.

This is what resides at the top of our tree. It is a Santa star fashioned out of an old tin ceiling tile. I love it.

This is one of the only Kristin crafted ornaments that has survived the years. He's kind of cool. He always tends to end up on the back of the tree, but this year the back of the tree faces the kitchen, so I get to see more of him this year.

This is my very favorite ornament ever. I've had it so long that I don't remember when it was given to me. It might have even been given to my parents, but my love for it made it easy for them to just put it in my ornament stash. I love that his mouth is painted crooked, that his hand is painted the same color as his hair, that his eyes are missing (I don't ever remember him having eyes,) I love his bowlegged stance and I adore those little black shoes. His crown is pretty cool, too!

So that's a mini look at my mini Christmas tree. (why is it that every Christmas tree picture I've ever taken is blurry?)

I have cleaned up the house - I started this post about 10 hours ago and now, the house looks pretty respectable. My neighbors will be coming over every day for the next 4 days, so I had to get the place tidy.

Why is my neighbor coming over? To feed my Mocha. and water her. and clean the litter box. Tom and I will be on a Cruise! I'll tell you all about that later. We should have internet access, so I expect to be able to update each day.

You all have a fabulous day!


Leigh said...

I love your ornaments! Very special! I also love Mocha the triangle cat! Precious!

"J" said...

I love love love love love your tree and your cute little ornaments!!! I love how they have meaning and that you have saved them all these years!!! =)

I can't wait to hear all about the cruise!!! Yall enjoy yourself!!!! =) LOTS OF PICS...OKAY? =)