Thursday, December 25, 2008

Secret Stocking Swap

Here is my Christmas gift story...

It's a good one.

Jennie at An Experimental Mommy Life was my Secret Stocking Stuffer Santa, much to my husbands delight! This meant that he was not obligated to fill my stocking. He could still do it, I wouldn't mind at all, but he was under no obligation. I have to say, this is his least favorite thing (or so he thinks) because usually on Christmas Eve I was would say -- "do you have anything to put in my stocking?" He'd almost always say no and then say "I'm sorry, you won't have a stocking this year." This is where I tell him that he's still got time and I expect him to make some sort of an effort.

Then he goes to Target and comes home with several bags of goodies for me and for him! He is usually smiling from ear to ear and has really enjoyed himself. He picks out fun stuff, too - Glues, stickers, funny ornaments, pens and paper --- just stuff that we can use & have fun with. Nothing extravagant, just fun.

Well, in order to not have to go through that ordeal again of forcing my husband to go out into the wide world of Target and actually enjoy himself - I signed up for my third and final swap.

The Well Rounded Woman hosted a Stocking Swap. Every participant was supposed to already have their own stocking, but the secret santa was to provide a few fun things for them to put in their stocking on Christmas Eve. I had my husband take the unopened package and fill my stocking last night. I didn't want to have any hints or anything as to what was inside. Thankfully I listened and had my husband fill the stocking because the outside of each little package was written on. I have to say - this drove my husband nuts! He wanted to know what was inside. heee heee He'd have to wait.

So this morning...we get up. He says - "Will you open your stocking?" I said no, not first. I want to be sure to take pictures, so we need to do it last.

I hand him his gifts & his stocking. He hands me mine. I have him look through his stocking - I gave him an egg slicer, a pair of tongs and a spatula (Romantic, huh?) Then I opened my gift. A watch. My real gift was the cruise we went on over the weekend. Then I had him open his other two items. A Mandolin (the slicer, not the instrument) and a book about the Big Lebowski. (He LOVED the book and has hardly put it down today.)

Now to my stocking. He is dying - he can just hardly wait.

I take everything out and he says - "she wrote on each package, do you see?"

"Yes I can!"

"Which one are you going to open first?"

"I think the one that says flower."

"That's the one I wanted to see first, too"

and it went on like that for each package.

The flower was a necklace is beautiful! The neat thing is that I just bought this green jacket and it needs to have a necklace with it. I've already tested it with the jacket and it's perfect!!! This alone made the swap!

However, my secret santa must have been with me the other day when I was looking at the foot creams in the store. I ended up not getting anything because I just couldn't make up my mind. Now I don't have to! How perfect is that?!! This was in the "Enjoy a Massage" package.

The next gift I opened was the World Traveler. This contained chocolate coins with famous world landmarks - the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, & the Sidney Oprah house just to name a few.

The "write gift" was a four pack of Sharpies! I think my love of Sharpies is becoming legendary. Thank You Thank You Thank You!! (In a few days look for another post from me on Sharpies.)

Last but not least, I opened up the one marked indulgence. Oh My Goodness! It was Sugar Free Dove Chocolates. I hadn't tried those yet, until today lol Oh Secret Santa, Thank You!!!

This was so much fun. I didn't know if I could handle having gifts arrive that I couldn't open right away, but I made it. I think the most fun was watching my husband because he put the goodies into the stocking. He had all night to think about what was written on the packages. So thanks Santa for driving him bonkers!

Please visit Jennie when you have a chance - An Experimental Mommy Life, she's been a lot of fun.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.
I know I did.



~lm [Love Mom] said...

I had forgotten you still have your childhood Christmas stocking...that is actually Matthew's and he is about to turn 55! Cool. ~lm

"J" said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww I love it!!!!!! =)

I'm going to blog about my swap today!

Shad had so much fun going through my box of goodies! He was like WOW, she got you a TON of stuff!!!!! lol

I loved it!!!!!!!