Sunday, September 20, 2009

Art and Houses

Fixture from the River Hall House we toured.

Ya know, there are some days where you just want to sit in the house and not do a a darn thing. Then there are moments when you know you need to go even though it really is one of those "sit in the house" days. Today was one of those days. Tom usually goes out on Sunday afternoons looking at houses. He wanders around town, going to open houses and talking with the Realtors. I don't normally like to go because I've heard my husband's tales a million times AND I get the house for several hours all to myself. But today when it was time for him to shoot out the door I asked him if he'd like me to join him. He said yes. 

The few houses that we saw were OK.  Nothing made my heart go pitter pat, that's for sure.  We did see some original terrazzo floors though, but that house was otherwise a disaster.  All of the Realtors we met were fabulous though.   I took my Kindle with me which was real nice because one of the places where Tom was off on some tangent with the Realtor, I suggested that I go hang out in the car. This made him happy that he could chat and it made me happy, that I didn't have to listen!

We also visited a place called Works of Art. It's like an art gallery, but an artist can rent their own space and sell their work. There is no commission charged for having your work there, just a booth fee and 4 hours a month volunteer work at the gallery. When I told the woman that I was thinking about displaying some of my photographs she asked how long I've been taking photos (about a year) - she frowns.  Where did I go to photography school? (I didn't) - she frowns.  How do you know your work is any good? (She really asked that???!!  I was shocked.  After a moment I said - I have a blog and I've been getting some real nice feedback on my photographs.)  She said - But this is just from your friends, right?  (Blogging friends, yes, but not a lot of my lifelong friends read my blog.)  She put her hand to her chin and said,  well, when you get some things framed we'll decide and take it from there.

She was totally unconvinced.  haha  That's OK.  I enjoyed the store and I just may put my work there or I may just sell it on Etsy :)  but I will definitely go back.  There's a lot of great items and the prices were fantastic.  (I would have taken photos, but I was asked not to...but I wanted it for the blog!  She just didn't understand.)

My day was pretty low key, but nice.  Tom and I spent the day together and had a nice time.  He's got a job in the morning and I think I have a showing tomorrow - a new pre-transplant family coming in.   Wish me luck on that - all of my rental condos are unoccupied at the moment and I really need them rented.

Have a fabulous week!


jennifer said...

"This made him happy that he could chat and it made me happy, that I didn't have to listen!"

I snorted at that. You are wonderful.

*steps onto soapbox...

Excuse me but isn't Art in the eye of the beholder? Isn't that the purpose of art - to look and form an opinion or see how it moves you?

"How do you know your work is any good?" Because YOU think it's good. And haven't most famous artists asked the opinion of a trusted friend before they carted it off to be "shown"? Your blog friends who view your photography aren't just being nice but does it even matter??? BAH!

*steps off soapbox... OK, so I fell off the soapbox - call me grace.

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Seriously? What does she know, really? Einstein did very poorly in Greek and Latin, He got an F, in "Physical Experiments for Beginners." Wasn't he brillant? Yes, indeed. My point, I agreee with Jen, ART is in the eye of the beholder. I would remind her of that if you do go back.
Also, check with coffee houses, see if you can hang some framed photographs in there with a business card in the corner of the print as well as a price. Maybe the coffee house will take a small commission but still, a bargain. Another place, the library. Many times, they will accept it for free, its artistic and decorates the space with art that will rotate often.

Good Luck and NEVER sell yourself short.