Thursday, September 10, 2009

Friday Fragments

Mrs. 4444, from Half-Past Kissing Time, hosts Friday Fragments each week. It's a great excuse to get all those little snippets that gather in the brain and don't seem enough for one post but together they can make one fun blog post! Enjoy!

A few nights ago I had an hour long conversation on Facebook instant chat with a guy from High School. He told me that he saw me in a bar sometime between 1994 and 1998. I faintly remember that time, but after chatting with him, the memory was becoming clearer. He was with his wife and his Dad. How funny. He's not coming to the reunion, he lives too far away to come right now, but it sure was fun to chat with him and have him remember that time. This is why I'm so happy I'm blogging and writing in a journal these days. I have the worst memory. I need clues to help me. Too bad the first 40 years of my life are journal-less. (I made that word up!) Now when I look back on this post, I'll remember that I had the conversation and that I'd forgotten the other incident!

Have you seen this 25 second clip on the Fast Talking Baby? It's so funny and I can't imagine what she'll be like in a few more months! or years! She may talk more than me!

I park in a large covered garage with industrial cage-like garage doors. The side that I use to exit the garage has been a real bugger since the day we moved in. The door doesn't close all the way sometimes and then won't reset itself. All that needs to be done to reset the garage door is just a little press of the reset button. Of course this button is miles above my head, so I've gotten in the habit of keeping a hammer in my car because the head of the hammer is heavy enough to depress the button while I'm on my tip toes reaching up with it. Tonight I went to the movies and forgot that I had used the hammer earlier in the day & had tossed the hammer into the passenger side front seat. When I got back from the movie I saw something shiny in the front seat of my car and got a small panicky feeling. I even stepped back wondering what to do. Then I decided to just be brave & look in the window. I laughed out loud when I realized that I was scared of my own hammer.

Photo from Mom - Thanks Mom!
Baldwin County's Bicentennial Celebration at the Gulf Shores Museum

Discover with us what is in the 1970's era Time Capsule as we open it in honor of Baldwin County's Bicentennial Celebration this year. Be at the Erie Meyer Civic Center for the Helton's concert at 7:00 p.m. The Time Capsule is located at the Gulf Shores Museum if you want to guess what's in it - you may win one of ten prizes!

That event was tonight (Thursday) and my mom was there. I was kind of waiting for her phone call about the event because it's just cool to be a witness to something like that. So when my mom called at 9pm, I wasn't too surprised. I was surprised though to hear a laugh in her voice. She could hardly wait to tell me - and I grabbed a pen and paper to write down what she was going to tell me. Time Capsule, check. Open on the 200th Anniversary, Check. Created in the 70's, Check. A saw was brought out to open the capsule. They opened it up and this is what they found.
Photo from Mom - Thanks Mom!

It was totally empty. OMGoodness! It's like Geraldo Rivera opening up Al Capone's vault. Nothing. There were newspaper articles about the event in the 70's talking about the photos and letters that were placed in the time capsule. I guess the original capsule was misplaced or someone had created this dummy version and those that knew about the real capsule are now long gone... I think it's just so funny!! I wonder if this little mystery will ever be solved.

Mrs. 4444 had a mid-week Fragment Favorites post. There were a lot of funny things last week, that's for sure. I got a mention in that post about my a few of my fragments - go take a gander! (Click here) Thanks Mrs. 4444 for the honor of Favorites badge once again :) It made my day.

Have a Fabulous Friday! Now go forth and fragment.


Ruth Ann said...

Funny story about your mom going to see that time capsule! I couldn't wait to see what was in it? I can't believe it was empty! Also, did you forget about me...I thought you were going to include me in Friday Fragments! You don't have to, I'm just teasing!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

That baby is hilarious!
I am so intrigued by the empty time capsule. Weird!

Patti said...

thanks for visiting Pandora's Box!

Just love the video of the "Fast Talking baby"...made me laugh 1st thing this morning. I just love to stat the day of with a smile on my face!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kristin, I just wanted to thank you for leaving a comment in my LJ recently. Who knew I'd inspire someone with my little soapbox about hating dishwashers? ;-) You have to rinse the dishes anyway, and they tend to end up with streaks and crud on them and need re-washing anyway, so why bother? Faster to wash by hand and be done with it.

Thanks for the good wishes, too. Recovery is slow--my whole system seems to have taken a heck of a wallop--but I'm getting there. If you saw the "chef's knife" discussion on Unclutterer a few weeks back, that was me looking forward to the time when I'd actually be cooking and eating real food again! Take care.

Sara Elizabeth Bonds said...

How funny! I can't believe it was empty.

Happy FF!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

It's a conspiracy. It's empty cuz someone stole all the goods!


MrsSki said...

The "Are we born this way" video totally cracks me up. There's one about boys too that's pretty hilarious!

I can't believe that the time capsule was empty what a bummer! That must have been a let down. Wonder where the real time capsule is. Although, I will say I'm leary about time capsules ever since I saw that movie with Nicolas Cage...Knowing...maybe? FREAKY!

brainella said...

Does that guy in the video have really white teeth or is it me?

I wonder if they actually put stuff in the time capsule and someone swiped it later on, or if it was left intentionally empty... :)

Unknown Mami said...

Nothing! That is funny.

Matty said...

If I close my eyes, that baby sounds like my wife.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I'm regretting not keeping a journal or a diary years ago because I can't remember a lot of things...and I'm glad I decided to start blogging, I'm able to secure (mostly) fun memories for Princess Nagger when she grows up - or at least maybe have some blackmail material handy. ;)

That's such a bummer the time capsule was empty! Wonder if they ever will figure out that mystery?

Happy FF! :)

blueviolet said...

I can't believe that was empty! No fair!

That baby was too much! Future auctioneer, perhaps?

Judith, the eye witness said...

About the Time Capsule: they announced before the evening began that they were nervous about finding anything in it as it didn't make any noise...something they determined when making plans for the big celebration. So.....they had it X-rayed, nothing; inserted a scoping camera, nothing! But they had the celebration anyway as it was still the 200th anniversary, but no one was surprised that it was empty, except those of us who showed up to see the goods! I wonder what the deal is?????

mub said...

How bizarre that the time capsule was empty! I bet it was a bit of a letdown *L*

Don't let any hammers get ya! ;)

Mrs4444 said...

What a drag (the empty time capsule!) Loved seeing that video-what a little cutie pie :)

4 Lettre Words said...

That video is too cute, huh?!? I love that Time Capsule and I love Gulf Shores. So cool!

P.S. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my FF. I really appreciate it. :o)