Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I'm about ready to call in reinforcements.  Ring Ring

OK not really, but goodness, I've got a million things to do still and my days are dwindling before my departure.

I've also got several social obligations to attend before I go.  (quite the social butterfly!)
and two new tenants to meet and help move in.

Two of my former tenants are back in Mayo, so I went over there today to visit and see how they were doing.  

I had to get my oil changed and tires rotated on my car - got that done this morning.  It's really nice living just a mile from the dealership I was able to drop off the car and walk home.  Then when the car was ready, I walked back up.  Thankfully it was only 70º this morning so I didn't fall over from heat stroke at 10:30am when I had to go back for the car.

Laundry is now finished, that's great!  I just folded the last article of clothing.  Michigan just hit a cold spell, so pretty much all of my clothing that I wear here in Florida will be useless, so at least most of it will be clean before I go and it will be ready for me when I return.

Then it's just the usual stuff, pack, gather toiletries, pay the bills, etc.  The only difference is that I've never left my husband for a month.  I'm terribly nervous that the house is going to be a mess when I return, so I'm trying to make it as clean and picked up as possible (and I'm not a neat person, so this is a real stretch!)   I won't work myself into a frenzy though because I'm driving to Michigan and I just can't be exhausted then take a long drive.  I'm just going to have to trust that my husband will feed the cat, take out the trash and do the dishes.  Ahhh, that's what phones were designed to do - - - to call someone up and remind them to take out the trash :)

Actually, I'm so excited that I'm just vibrating.  I haven't been home for this long in a really long time.  I've got my own car, I've got people to see, things to do, events to attend, photos to take and so much more.  My trip begins with a stop at my Aunt and Uncles home in Indianapolis, IN.  I've always wanted to stop there on my trips to Michigan but there home is just not the right distance from Jacksonville in a two day drive.  This time I'm taking three days so I can stop in Indiana.  Then on Sunday I'm meeting up with Keetha!  She's a blogging friend and we're meeting for the first time!!

The countdown begins :)

tick tock

tick tock


EDITED TO ADD...How interesting that I chose to use the phone as my photo for today.
I just found out that one of our support group friends just got the call for a liver transplant.  I hope this is the call that they were waiting for as the potential recipient as been so sick the past few months.  She's young and she has been sick most of her life.  Prayers to you honey!  I'll see you tomorrow.


Ruth Ann said...

Have a safe and very fun trip! Can't wait to see your photos! You should go to the website:
They have all the weird touristy things you can see at various places! I'm dying to see a "Shoe Tree" lol...we don't have any nearby! Will you be blogging while you're gone? Have a great time!

Loria said...

We have a huge shoe tree North of Kalkaska near Mancelona. There are hundreds of shoes on them .. Someone is always stopped at the road taking photos. I don't go by there too often but maybe i'll take a road trip this weekend and get a pic.

TRICIA @ The Zoo said...

Hey there!
I am so glad that you are gonna have some joyful times in the coming week. It's hard work to get ready for a trip, isn't it?! I'm sending you happy happy wishes for a wonderful trip.