Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day

Tom and I went to a Labor Day BBQ with our support group friends. There were a few people in attendance that I hadn't met before, so that's always a nice surprise. We had the event at the Extended Stay Hotel right by my house. This hotel houses a lot of transplant patients, so they are always willing to have us use their facilities for gatherings without charging us anything. We always put a couple of signs up inviting all of the people staying in the hotel to come down and join us. They weren't very full this weekend but a heart transplant patient and her caregiver came down to join us.

Tom was designated as the official hotdog and hamburger griller. For some reason the group thinks that Tom is best suited for this job. Thankfully he has indeed done a stellar job. The grill was wrapped within an inch of it's life in aluminum foil. Then he was given some aluminum grill sheet things...I have no idea what they were...but he was supposed to grill the burgers on those. So he did. Post transplant patients are very cautious and since this was a community grill, they wanted the grilling surface to be as clean as possible. The couple that puts together all of our events, they came out this morning to actually clean the grill so it would be ready for this evening. Oh goodness. They are fabulous. :)

I was the official photographer this evening and I got a photo of every one of our guests. I just spent the last hour emailing everyone their photos. We're going to update our directory and put photos of everyone in it, so that we can remember the faces with the names. We got a nice start on that project by taking pictures tonight. The picture at the top of the page, is the one that Tom and I are going to use. I had someone take this of us, with my camera.

I hope you have a lovely labor day weekend. I know I did.


jennifer said...

I am here by way of Facebook. That is an awesome picture of you and Tom. Y'all are good lookin' folks!

Tom got the hot job but he looks like a regular grill master!

You know you are going to earn the nickname "paparrazzi" (spelling???)

Have a blessed week Kristin.

Kirby3131 said...

The facebook announcement was to try to attract new people to my blog. LOL My blogging friends don't need a reminder to come over here each day, but I'm so glad you did! I guess the linking thing works :)

Just to clarify, I did ask everyone to come get their photos taken - then I told them where to stand and bossed them around. It was fun haha

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Sounds like a wonderful day, friend! I will bet Tom is a master griller! I know folks are happy to get the pictures you took! What a great day of celebration!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful Labor Day weekend, glad you did too! Thanks for stopping by the blog.

Judith Bridger said...

Yep the link works. I'm working on it Kres :o))

...and people are so funny about germs on grills. It's probably the most germ free place on earth. What can live through fire!

...a little story: I ordered grilled oysters yesterday at a restaurant in Fairhope. ("W" something)Huge, I repeat Huge, live oak out front. Beautiful! But anyway the oysters were served in the shells ofcourse, on the platter they were grilled on, which was sitting on a wooden tray. The waitress said "these are very hot". They were sizzling indeed. I waited, and waited. I waited some more, until the oysters were actually overcooked. I began to eat them and they were good. I had to be incredibly careful not to touch the grill platter OR the oyster shells. When I was finally eating the last of the dozen oysters, which by now were really little, I bumped my finger on the platter and it burned me. There is no blisterthis morning, but a small red mark is still there. When she took the platter away, the table was HOT.

Me thinks...NO germs on the grill:o)) lm

denise said...

love the happy shot of the two of you...sounds like a fun day!