Thursday, July 17, 2008

Air Conditioning

We have AIR!

Those vents in the ceiling actually have a purpose. They blow cold air!

The doors and windows can be shut now.

I don't have to chase wasps and bees out of the house.

We can turn off that noisy box fan. (Even though it was fun to talk through the fan, like I did as a kid, making all of those strange guttural voices.)

We've been working on the Jupiter flip house without air conditioning since April 11th. We have been trying to get the people we paid to put it in, to actually put the thing in for two months.

We have hired three A/C installers to do the job.

Yesterday all the worlds collided and we got it accomplished. The house is finally, finally cool.

When the thermostat was placed on the wall, the temperature read 99.

I knew it was hot in there.

The electrical is finished.

The A/C is finished.

The plumbing is finished.

The carpet has been installed in the master bedroom.

The carpet guys came back out and moved one of the tack strips so that the pocket door to the bathroom would open.

The lawn got mowed on Sunday.

The missionaries came back twice this week and helped caulk and paint and clean up the garage.

The crown molding has been installed.

We should be finished with all of the painting of the trim and doors by Sunday.

The final cleanup should occur on Monday.

We should be finished with the inside by Tuesday.

But for right now, I'm joyous that for the first time I won't have to work in a 99 degree house.

Have a great day!

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Denise said...

Phew! Kewl! 4 real! Yippee!