Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Apostrophe Abuse

I cannot begin to tell you how much my family would love this site.

Maybe it would make them squirm in their seats?
Maybe it would make them laugh?
Maybe it would just be too painful to see so much abuse.

Whatever it would do, this is a great site.

I am so guilty of the apostrophe abuse.

I sent my grandparents a card & my grandmother called me to tell me that I had either placed the apostrophe in the wrong place or didn't use one (I can't remember.) At this moment I am thinking that I must have used the apostrophe. However, at the time, I couldn't remember how I wrote out the card and what exactly I did that was wrong - so from that point on I no longer wrote out...

To: The Wrights (Wright's) because I didn't know which one was correct

I would instead say

To: The Wright Family

That got me past the whole apostrophe thing. It is now standard practice on all Christmas card corespondence.

I think I may get a crash course in the proper use of apostrophes after looking through that site.


I totally forgot to mention that I found this gem of a site when I visited sweet little happy little life Thanks to her fun site, I found this one!! Thanks!!


sweetlittlelife said...

I also spent A LOT of time on this site last night. I'm going to start looking a little more closely to see if I can spot some apostrophe abuse. HEHE. Thank you for your comments. I have enjoyed reading your blog! Have a great day!

Marg said...

I'm like Grandma on apostrophe's (ha, ha...apostrophes). It is a real sore point. I often write out the Corlett Family, since I like the sound of it, but will also write Corletts. It drives me crazy when I get a card addressed to the Henry's. I always ask, the Henry's WHAT for heaven's sake?!!! The Henry's House??? If so, how, I ask, can my house respond???
Thanks Kris :)

"J" said...

This cracks me up! =)

ttelroc said...

sweetlittlelife - Thanks so much! I just added into the blog post, that I got the link from your site. I meant to put that in, but totally spaced. I'm glad you have been enjoying my place - I had fun over at yours, too!

Hi Marg! I thought of you when I wrote this post. I thought you might find it fun.

J - doesn't it make you want to start photographing signs now, too?!!

Genny said...

I'll have to check this out!

giants fan said...

thanks for stopping by my blog!

Kim @ Up North Mommy said...

I'm a stickler for apostrophes as well.

Anonymous said...

Both my maiden name and my married name end with an "s" and I've NEVER known how to write it. My own name. I should care more.

Denise said...

I alway's think im such a great Grammarian, and i almost always' mix up its and it's. Its a wonder no thing every suffers from it's abuse--the apostrophes, that is.