Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The pig roast

I went to Michigan to attend a 40th birthday party. This little Brownie right here... She just turned 40.

Here she is at the party. She's giving me that look.

The very first 40th birthday party in Carrie's family was celebrated by writing on a sheet and hanging the sign on the house. 20+ years later, the sheet sign is still in use! I was so glad to see the sign. I lived across the street when I saw the first one.

Carrie was given a pair of "40" glasses & Zora was gracious enough to model them for me.

Mikey (as I lovingly call him) is Carrie's brother and he was in charge of filling up the beer glasses. He did a real good job. So good, that he was empty when I caught up to him. He was also the MC for the show later in the evening... That will be tomorrow's post.

The pig was a big hit, my mother even ate some of its barbecued goodness.


Genny said...

What fun pictures to look at!

Denise said...

Great pics! Girl you know how to dra, er tell a GOOOD story, LOL!