Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Show

At the 40th celebration we were treated with an opening act and the main event.

The opening act was pretty good!

Have you ever seen one of those t-shirt shooters? Usually the T-shirt shooters are used at baseball or football games and they shoot the t-shirts into the stands.

Well this little baby is a potato shooter.

A potato is pushed into the tube.

Then a rod is used to push the potato down to the bottom of the shooter.

The "gas" in the contraption is Aqua Net hairspray!

Mike's son, Brady, was the operator for this round.

The main event...

Come back tomorrow night for more!


Denise said...

SWEET! Potato that is! Did YOU want to shoot that thing, or is that a guy thing? Lordy! Well, they look like they were having a bunch of fun!

ttelroc said...

I had no desire to shoot that thing. Stan told me that they shoot that off for the grandkids sometimes, when all of them have catchers mitts on and they try to catch them. I would have tried that - catching them, but not shooting them.