Thursday, July 10, 2008

On the Run

I thought I was going to paint all day. My contractor has been hard at work for the past three days getting all the doors, bi-fold doors, window casings, trim and baseboards all installed. Most everything was purchased pre-primed, but some of it still needs to be primed and all of it needs to be painted.

That was the plan.

The lazy susan unit that we purchased was missing some essential parts, although we weren't quite sure if it had just been misplaced or if it wasn't in the package. We'd been looking for the missing pieces for two days now, but today was the critical day. We have to have the countertops on & the tile on the backsplash installed by this weekend. Our timeline is getting shorter and shorter. The post that holds the lazy susan together must be installed before the countertop goes on.

So, off I go to IKEA in Orlando. Its just a 2½ hour trip. One way.

I had a few items to return and a few items to pick up - my schedule was tight, so I just returned and picked up - no dawdling. I left at 12:30pm and got home at 7:30pm

Pretty good!

Tomorrow I plan on painting. again.

Have a Great Day!


Elizabeth said...

It's so frustrating when things aren't going according to plan... but driving sounds WAY better than painting to me! :) I hope everything falls together smoothly. I love my lazy susan.

ttelroc said...

Well, today was spent painting! LOL I did have a nice drive - I got a book on CD to listen to on the drive. So that was nice.

Anonymous said...

That is sad. I live 30 minutes away and I've been once. For about 20 minutes because FavoriteSon got sick (so he said.)

And THANKS SO MUCH for the comment on PinkGirl's recipe! The SCREECH that came out of my daughter when her daddy showed her your comment. Followed immediately by the excited request: “MOM! POST EVERY RECIPE I COOK!”