Saturday, July 26, 2008

Food and Fun in MI

It's Saturday morning here in the land of green and white. (Michigan State Spartan country)
So far we have just been sitting around visiting, kissing the baby, Stella, and running after Zora. Oh, we've also watched the movie "Death at a Funeral," it's an English movie about the funny antics that happen at a funeral. It is quite funny, even though some of the humor is definitely boy humor. Well, it was a fun movie - rated R. I watched it in the afternoon with Alison and Tom wanted to see it at night, so I sort of watched it again - dozing in and out of sleep.

We went to dinner with Tom's parents last night - I had the BEST dinner. It was grilled Vanilla Halibut with sweet potato pancakes, fried leeks and asparagus. I ate every bite, except for the tasting bites of fish that I gave to Tom and his dad. I was nice, I shared. I can't remember how the vanilla was infused into the fish, but it was and it was excellent.

This afternoon we are all going to a party. It is a surprise party, so I'm not going to say right now, just in case. We are trying to come up with a dish to bring. I always want to bring Rice Salad, my stand-by favorite, but for some reason I just don't want to make it. I'm just out of ideas as to what to make. So that's my project for the next few hours - go to the store and bring home items to make a delicious dish to pass.

Hope you have a great weekend! When I get back to FL, I will be able to post vacation photos.


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Denise said...

Hmmmm, notice none of that fish when to Tom's mom! good on you for sharing--sounds delicious.

Hey, good thing you found brownies. Everywhere i take that rice salad it's loved. OK, i even made it without mayo (used lemon juice and just a little olive oil) and i always add a little mint with the parsley--guess what it tasted like: you got it, tabouleh! Rice salad has the potential to be Mayo Tabouleh! LOL.