Friday, July 04, 2008

Flip Pics

The bedrooms, hallway and livingroom are all the same color. It is a color called corduroy.
The bathroom is on its second color. I picked a baby blue the first time...I didn't mean to pick baby blue, but it sure was. I thought the accent tiles were a watery mix of blue and green - but as soon as the blue went up on the wall, it was clear that the tiles were 99% green. This color, I forgot the name of it, is a little darker than I had originally planned, but it looks fantastic.

We are going to put up beadboard on the bottom half of the bathroom walls, so that's why the paint is just half way down the wall. In the photo the green drywall board looks like a closer color match to the tile.

I also noticed in the photo that the tile really needs to be cleaned off. I only have one small light in that room, so I hadn't noticed that yet.

The front entry - with a beautiful trashcan on the front step. I like the green door. Even the door looks good next to this paint color.

Here is the "art" photo - a close-up of the textured wall.

This was the other project this morning. My husband is surrounded with the IKEA boxes, full of cabinet pieces. It's a do-it-yourself project, that's for sure.

We only put together the upper cabinets today. We still don't have an AC unit and it was getting close to 100 degrees in the house, so we decided to only work half a day today.

This is the left side of the kitchen.

and this is the right side. The space in this configuration is for the range hood. On the end of all of these cabinets will be the fridge.

Whew! I got the camera out of the car and pictures loaded. I feel so much better!

Hope you had a happy 4th of July.



Working Mom said...

happy 4th!!

thanks for sharing the pics. i LOVE the bathroom color - that's what color our master bedroom and bath are!

Kate said...

That is a gorgeous paint color, and the door next to it is a beautiful color combination!