Thursday, July 31, 2008

Main Event

OK, so I've been stringing you along with this party. I was only there a few hours and I've made it a week long gig online!

When Stan turned 40 - that's the man loading the potato into the potato shooter - his brother Lindy and his brother-in-law Hooch put on a skit - called Shit and Git. I don't normally swear, but that was there name and I can't change it. I was there. It was so funny.

Well, the original Shit and Git passed the torch to Hooch's boys, the next generation.

This is the story of the next generation.

Mike is the MC and crowd controller. Good Job, Mikey.

Shit and Git arrive via scooter. It is loud, out of control and smelly. It was a perfect vehicle for their arrival.

Spraying of beer. I should mention that closest to the "stage" were the kids. The kids were probably the only ones that got beer sprayed on them - of course. Zora didn't like it one bit.

This is when Mike was the crowd controller - using his applause sign. I honestly can't remember what these boys were saying, but I do know that they have cassette tapes available for purchase for $1.78 & they were happy to be in Lansing.

The showing of the muscles. LOL

They actually played those instruments - they belted out Happy Birthday as a matter of fact... well, at least that's what they told us they were going to do. We were laughing quite hard at this point.

The grand finale - A Happy Birthday mooning.

I hope you enjoyed the Pig Roast and festivities. I know I did. Shit and Git, the next generation, were real good and I'm glad I traveled all the way from Florida to be a part of the birthday events.

Happy Birthday Carrie!!

Have a great day!


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Don't you just love it??!!! It was a total hoot.