Saturday, July 05, 2008

We made it

If a marriage can make it through a remodel it can make it through anything, right?

Well, Tom and I built a house together and then got married after it was finished and we moved in.

Then we remodeled two bathrooms in another house just weeks before we listed our house for sale, so we could move to Jacksonville.

We survived both of those.

Then we bought three condos and we fixed them up, furnished them and now rent them to transplant patients.

That was good - I worked on those alone most of the time, so not a together kind of issue.

For the past three days my husband and I have been putting together IKEA kitchen cabinets.

No Air Conditioning.
90 degrees outside - who knows how hot inside.
Power tools.
Small parts.
Lots and Lots of small parts.
Directions written only in code - no words.
Short tempers.

We got all of the cabinets finally put together today. We did all of the base cabinets. I put together about 7 drawer units. I put about half of the drawer units together wrong. A different thing wrong in each one. I am grateful that the drawer units did not end up in the yard. The wordless directions were not correct - the tab DOES go on the bottom. Even though they had a big X over the do-not-do-it-this-way, it turned out that was indeed the correct way to put the drawer fronts on.

To put together the base cabinets, it only took us THREE calls to the IKEA Kitchen help call center.

We still need to put the feet on all of the base cabinets. We could have done it today, but I was so pleased that I was still on speaking terms with my husband that I thought we should just go home.

This will be one of the most productive Independence weekends ever!

In a few weeks I may look back at this week fondly. Next time I go to IKEA I will once again get excited about the kitchen cabinets and I will start planning another kitchen. I should bookmark this post and remember this experience.

Maybe all we really need is a little A/C to make the experience worth doing again.

Who am I kidding. We'll totally do it again.

Have a great day!


Working Mom said...

i have heard that if your marriage can survive a remodel, it can survive anything!

way to go!! ;)

"J" said...

Can I just say I know the feeling! lol =)

Enough said!

ttelroc said...

Working Mom - I'm sure it can. We survived DH having a liver transplant! I think the previous remodels paved the way for major surgery LOL

J!!!! I had a feeling I'd see you today. I thought of you and the Lake House when we were putting together those cabinets.