Friday, July 11, 2008

Going to Target

I love a red shirt.

I wear red most days.

OK, if I'm not wearing a purple shirt, I'm wearing red.

Red is a GREAT color, unless you want to go shopping at Target.

I wear my keys on a lanyard.

I have a flat white card that is also on that lanyard - it is a key card that lets me into my condo building.

When I go anywhere, my keys are around my neck.

I look like an employee.

I really look like an employee when I wear a red shirt and have keys dangling from around my neck.

I even act like an employee sometimes.

When I get asked where to find an item, I almost always know where the item is located.

"Miss. Miss." "Miss"

"Oh, were you talking to me?"

"Yes, where can I find the vacuum cleaners?"

"They are on the other side of this wall, not in an isle, but on this wall."

"OK, thank you"

walking, shopping, walking shopping

"Do you have any patio furniture?"

Not really, I hardly have a patio

"I think you will find the patio furniture near the garden center."

"Can you take me there?"

"Ummmm, I suppose. I don't work here, so if you have any questions on the patio furniture you will need to talk to a Target employee."

Why do I wear red?

Oh right, because it makes me look a lot less pale!

Have a great day!


Genny said...

Too cute!

I love red too!

Rachel said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog! But seriously, canning frightens me. The whole "exploding" thing... yeah.
I love that you wear red and go to Target. I used to work out across the street from our Target and when I was done, I had this red fleece I'd put on then head to Target. I ALWAYS got asked questions as if an employee and I, too, totally knew where everything was! I loved this post.
NIce to meet you...

Anonymous said...

You could have quite a bit of fun with that you know.

But that would be wrong. I suppose.

Anonymous said...

OH! And I went to Pottery Barn and got the straws! They were ON SALE - half price! So I got the red, white and blue ones too! Thanks for the referral - PinkGirl and I both LOVE them!

ttelroc said...

Julie - Just yesterday as I was getting one of my straws out of the drawer I wondered if you had gotten any... :) I'm so glad you did! I could have fun with the "fake employee bit...thinking, thinking.

Rachel - Oh good, another "fake" employee! haha

Genny - Thanks for stopping by :)

Dr. Cason said...

Oh I love your blog!

I'm going to add you to my reader!

Sooo miss Target but Guam has a Ross and no kidding it is the best thing here. They get a lot of things from Indonesia and my home is slowly getting more Zen like. :) A little of California meets Eat Pray Love!!

Elizabeth said...

What an adorable post!!

"J" said...

You crack me up! For

Denise said...

It also makes you look like an employee, especially at Target! You know you love it, LOL.

Jenn, she cracks me up too!