Thursday, July 03, 2008

oh drat, it's in the car

I left the camera in the car.

I even went back to the flip house tonight to take pictures, to post online, to show you all the painted rooms.

The neighbors came over because no one is usually at the flip house at 8pm, so they wanted to see the place.

We don't have any lights in the flip, so it was kinda dark, but they wanted a tour and I always love to show off our work.

Here's the kitchen, I said, wondering if they could possibly see anything. It was really getting dark quickly inside that house.

Here's one of the bathrooms, it used to be a closet.

Hardwood floors are underneath all of this paper, tile is under the paper in here...etc.

We chatted for another few minutes in the driveway and I gave them the address to this blog -- Hi Neighbors!!

Next stop, the grocery store - just a few items, so I grab my bucket out of the back and shop real quick.

Then I get home, see the neighbors walking up to the front of the building, so I hurry and get parked so that we can catch the elevator together. Since I would be entering from the parking garage side, I really must hurry and get my key fob elevator unlocker thingy out and scan it across the bar and then push the elevator button to open the door.

The door opens and the lobby side didn't open - so I push the lobby button and sure enough, the neighbors are just walking in. I hold the elevator for them.

They got off on their floor, but stand in the doorway of the elevator so we can chat just a few moments longer.

They leave and I am finally arrive on the 5th floor, with my bucket in tow. Into the house, slam the door (I can never get that door caught before it slams shut) and unload the groceries, shed my shoes and flop on the couch, only to remember that the camera is hidden under the sunshade thing on the front seat.

Not going back down.

I will take more (better) pictures tomorrow and post them.

I hope to finish the painting tomorrow - just a few closets need a second coat and a few touch ups on the ceiling from where the paint roller slips and kisses the ceiling.

Have a great weekend!

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