Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Clothing donation

This is a wonderful basket of clothing.

It contains a whole bunch of shirts that I have never liked.

A jacket I haven't worn in years, but I kept thinking I should at some point.

Pants that were petites (that means for people who are short) and they shrunk. If they had shrunk to Capri length, that would have been nice, but they only shrunk 3"...Now they are suitable for someone 4'10".

I have shirts in that basket that are really nice, but here in Florida, I only get a chance to wear them once a year if I remember that cool day to wear something with long sleeves.

This basket of clothing is going to get dropped off at the Salvation Army drop off station tomorrow afternoon.

This is a section of my closet.

I should clarify - this is MY section of our closet. There are several other sections but my husband has a ton of clothing that he doesn't want to part with, so I get this section.

Actually, now that I look at the picture...the top two shelves are his clothes.

I have 4 drawers and two shelves.

Anyway, my shelves are much less crowded because of that full laundry basket full of clothing I am giving away.

The shelves are almost empty! Ooooh how fun! Maybe I should see if Tom is ready to give away some of his stuff. It'd be nice to have more space in that closet.

I now want to swear to myself that I will not buy clothing I don't like. I knew when I bought some of the items in the basket that I didn't like them. I promise I will make a better choice next time.

Do any of you do this?...buy clothing you don't like, just because you need something to wear? (but then don't wear it anyway?) Let me know.

Have a great day!

**UPDATE...July 1st... I actually remembered to stop by the Drop Off center to donate the clothing (but kept the laundry basket) High Five on that one!


Denise said...

hands up for high 5. I bought cloths i didn't like in 1993. You know me. This was a light (spring) aqua colored DRESS, shoes to match. Choir director said, I want y'all to look SPRING. So we all bought spring. Spring of 1994 comes and he says, NOPE, basic black (which we all already had a ton of!). The next day, a tuesday, i put those shoes on 2 hooks in my office wall. Everytime i've moved, i've found a spot on my office wall for those shoes. Great conversation piece. They are never going to Salvation Army, but that very pretty dress will. Someday. Maybe....

Denise said...

oh, we will not be showing pictures of my closet any time soon. I feel blessed to have my bed only 1/8th full of stuff (other than me). That may be as far down as i can take it Kristin...