Friday, October 10, 2008

Retro Bathrooms

The bathrooms in The Landing.

This first one is in the family room - the converted garage, aka the 4th bedroom. It is a new bathroom and thankfully it has marble countertop and new cabinets. The previous owners couldn't decide which sink basin to get and so we have two. Neither of which have been installed. The black sink is actually plastic - ugh. The glass one will be the best choice. I'm not in love with the cabinets, but they are there and new so chances are real good I'd keep them.

This photo is of one of the closets in the hallway to the bathroom. The other closet is exactly the same size on the opposite wall. Amazing, huh? The bathroom in the background is second bathroom. The one for the other bedrooms and the guests, I'm sure. It is a little small but still in great condition.

This is the tub - it is art deco and I love it. It's a bit shallow, but in excellent condition.

I took such weird pictures in the bathroom - but this is the little tiny closet in the bathroom. Like it needs another closet with those two giant closets just one step away outside the door. The great thing about the sink area is that the tile was put in first, so we can change the size and style of the sink and the we won't have to replace or worry about finding tile.

This is the floor - LOVE IT! My mother has this tile in her bathroom, but her tile is in yellow. This tile was also put under the sink cabinet, so once again, no need to find this tile or to remove it.

This hall bathroom may need to have the tile reglazed a more appealing color, but we won't have to replace the tile. I wouldn't reglaze the floor though. I love it.

This is the Master Bathroom. Get a load of that sink cabinet! Eeeek. Someone tried to update the look, it seems. I think it needs to be updated again. If this house becomes ours, we are going to move the toilet to the tub area. This will give enough room then in this area to put in a larger sink cabinet. There might even be enough room for two sinks, but I'm not sure.

This picture is blurry but I took it to show the depth of the cabinet in the wall. The fireplace in the living room comes in behind the shower and vanity, but ends at the edge of the sink cabinet, which makes way for this deep upper storage area. We might be able to turn this into something interesting - or keep it a storage area.

THis is the separate tub area. It is really quite large and the space between the tub and the wall is plenty large enough to move the toilet there. There is even a crawl space under this section of the house, so it would be fairly easy to plumb as well.

This is the shower -- it is on the other side of the sink cabinet. The shower is in pretty good condition, but there was a plumbing problem at some point and a whole line of tile was replaced with random tile on both the wall and the floor of the shower. I haven't mentioned the tile in this bathroom - I love it. I love green and this is just too cool for words. I'm afraid it isn't everyones style, so for a flip we would probably have to reglaze it, just like the hall bathroom. The random tile in the shower area wouldn't be noticeable on the walls if we reglazed, but I wouldn't retile the floor of the shower. I would have to find similar tile for that section to keep it in its near original condition. That might be difficult. This shower is really large, too. I was surprised when I got in there and twirled around. Yes, I did twirl!

This little phone nook is in the hallway. I think it is "j'adorable" as Johnathon Adler would say. I think that word uses both apostrophe abuse and unnecessary use of quotation marks! A phone nook might not be a necessity in a modern house but I wouldn't get rid of the nook.

So, what do you think? Would you buy a house with two retro bathrooms? Would you buy a house with a green retro bathroom or blue or neither? Give me your opinions please. I love opinions!


Edited - 30 June 2010 - this house has been bulldozed. I haven't seen what it going in its place. I'm so bummed that these retro bathrooms were destroyed.


Leigh said...

I might, depends.....The green was better to me than the blue. I would paint the wood and change the hardware for updated look.

Mrs4444 said...

Love the nook AND the bathrooms. My favorite part is the floor; it looks very, very familiar (not sure why...) Good luck!

Brandi said...

Oh I would! I LOVE RETRO! So kewl! I love the nook for the phone, easy place to store phone books, message pad, pen and the phone! *THEY WERE SO BRIGHT BACK THEN* :}

Kelli said...

I think the bathrooms go perfectly with the house. A little updating on the colors, a bit more shine, and you're set!

Kirby3131 said...

Leigh, I like the green better, too.

4444, the pattern on the floor is a common pattern, in the blue bathroom. The green bathroom has vinyl, except in the shower.

Brandi, the nook is totally cool. Once house we looked at a few months ago had a whole pull out desk area in the hallway.

Kelli, I'm glad you like them. Me, too. A bit more shine - hmmmm, hadn't thought of that. I'll look into how we can shine those tiles up!