Thursday, October 16, 2008

Birthday Giveaway day five

I just want to remind all of you that tomorrow (Saturday) is the big day. The Extravaganza in my first blogging giveaway week. So don't forget to come back tomorrow. I've got a party all ready to go.

BUT today - today is Friday. A really nice Friday in my opinion. I can already feel the good vibes.

I am not much of a shopper. I can spend a day at our local outdoor mall, but I rarely buy anything. I like to look. I like to think about what a house that owned that item would look like lol Usually it doesn't work in my house...

However, the things I find at Target always seem to be just right. I have this down throw that I bought a few years ago. It is one of THE BEST gifts I have ever purchased for myself. It is such a great blanket that I take it with me on vacations. I talked my friend into buying one just a few weeks after I got mine. When she came to visit me a few months ago she told me that hers has been washed so much that it no longer has any feathers lol Mine mostly sits on the back of the couch - so I don't wash it as often I guess. Or maybe it's the kid thing. I don't have any of those little people. Just a cat. and a husband. and me.

Do you have an item that you have purchased that makes you feel wonderful? Something you wish didn't wear out because it was just one of a kind? Maybe you have an outfit that everyone notices and compliments you? Let me know in the comment section what purchase you've made that was one of your favorites.

The gift for today is a $25 Target Gift card!!!!!

...Insert photo of Target gift Card here....
Oh, I don't have one lol
Imagine... a bulls eye.

The Target card will be on it's way to the winner via email, so please leave your email in the comment section if you remember. Otherwise I'll just have to track you down. The contest ends at 9pm Pacific Time on Friday October 17th.

Have a fabulous, wonderful, incredible Friday!!! and don't forget to come back tomorrow for the daddy of them all giveaways - or something like that!


UPDATE! Trina is todays winner!!! She will be receiving a Target Gift Card!! She came over today because Leigh (Tales from Bloggeritaville) wished a bunch of us October folks a happy birthday on her blog. Good thing Trina followed the yellow brick road over here! Thanks for stopping by!


Leigh said...

You have a fabulous day. It has been fun celebrating with you!

Kate said...

I am just like you when it comes to shopping. I can happily look for hours and hours but rarely buy anything.

The most recent special thing that I splurged on for myself was a coffee mug from Walt Disney World when we went last year. I so did NOT need another coffee mug, but this one was brown (my favorite color) and from WDW 9my favorite place), so I had to have it!

Patrice said...

First off, Happy Birthday week!

Second, I am from Jacksonville, Florida! Whoo to the Hooo for that one!

Third, Thanks for stopping by my site!

Last, I really enjoyed your site, I am so glad that every thing was ok with your Doctors report and wow, I may be a little jealous....I need to travel more and see more states!

Terri said...

Target Gift Card? I'm all over that girl! This has been a fun birthday week for us all!

"J" said...

Dang it...I'm going to miss out tomorrow!!!! =( After I leave work today I won't have internet! We STILL don't have TV or internet at the house!!! =( They said they are STILL trying to get the existing customers up and running (from "IKE") and they are NOT doing new installs!!!! This comment is a reminder for ME to call them today and get on their BUTTS!!!!! I'm mad!!!!

I got off track...
Like that is something new...

This has been such a fun week for your blog!!! You've hosted some GREAT blog go girl!!!! =)

One of my favoite items is my pillow! It's a down pillow and I take it every where with me!!! I even brought it with me today to work! I was sooooooooooooooo TIRED trying to get out of bed this morning - I figured I would sleep in the truck! Nope, I'm not someone that can really sleep in the car! Can't do it! I feel I have the extra set of eyes to help Mr. "S" he just loves me for that...NOT! =) If you ever heard the term - back seat driver...yeah, that is me!!!!!!!

So my pillow is my SPECIAL item!!!!! =) I LOVE IT!!!! I was just thinking I need to go buy a new one! The feathers have come out over the years and it's getting smaller and smaller and smaller!!!! Not cool! =(

Before Mr. "S" and I moved in together I would go stay the night at his apartment or stay the weekend...I would take my pillow...when it was time for me to pack up and go home I would go to grab my pillow and he was like..."NO please leave it"!!! HA! Yeah, right!!! Go get your own!!!! I can't part with it!!!!

So that is my story!!!!!

I want to wish you a very very very happy happy happ birthday!!!!! I just know it's going to be a GREAT one!!!!! =) I can't wait to hear all about it!!! Take pics...okay? I mean it!!!

Oh in case I win here is my

By the way I love target!!! =) Who doesn't?

Oh, One last thing...I'm trying to go for the long comment kidding!

I wanted to THANK YOU sooooooooooooooooooo much for your comment on my blog post! I love it!!!! I think you are soooooooooooooo ON to something with meeting yoru honey at the door when he comes home!!! I know I use to do that and I stopped (well, this was before we started riding together) and I could tell it hurt Mr. "S" feelings!!! =( Awwwwwwwwwww poor guy!!! So you are so right about this!!!! I do feel we need our own time!!! We need time to do our own thing!!! He doesn't have many guy friends...his friends are my friends!!! I think I might try and ship him off to my grandpa's with my brother so they can go hunting!!! I love to hunt but I think he needs this time!!! Plus I could have a girls night at the lake house or go back into town and stay with one of my girl friends!!!!

We have been stuck together day in and day out working on this house, our long drives to work, so I think we need some HIM time and ME time a part!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Wow, your so generous and target is just the best!! Hope you have a great weekend!!

NucMEd is Hot said...

Thanks for coming by. I too love Target, but my one thing is a pink pashmina that I bought a few years ago. Sometimes I get it out at home and just rub my face on it. I love it with all of my heart and have even threatened my children if I catch them with it.

Trina said...

Here via Leigh :) Happy Birthday!

gingela5 said...

I keep forgetting to come by and enter! I'll enter today! I usually find a lot of stuff I like but once I try it on it just goes downhill from there. If I can find a good pair of shoes then I am happy!

Mistress Meeyee said...

I love Target!!! I want to win.

Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

Wow, you'd be surprised how long it took me to decide which name/nickname for you I should use today. LOL But then you already knew I was a dork.

Shopping...let's see...well, you know I hate it. I did nearly all my Christmas shopping on the computer last year and plan on that again. That being said, the closest town to mine just got a new Target and I've been looking for an excuse to go get lost in there for a while. Maybe you'll provide one for me. :D



Kirby3131 said...

Whoo Hooo - Lots of comments, lots of stories. Thanks everyone. I'm almost thinking about going to bed early just so the big day will come quicker.

I've always been a lover of my birthday, but this week really has to be tops on my list. This has been great. Thanks to everyone! 2.5 more hours and I'll pick a winner!!!