Friday, October 24, 2008

The Kindle

I watched the Oprah show today. Normally I just let it record on the DVR and I watch it in the middle of the night when my husband isn't around. Today however, I had complete control of the TV Viewing Area and I watched Oprah from beginning to end. Well, I talked with my mother on the phone for most of the second half, but I was looking at the TV sometimes when it was muted.

Oprah started off the show talking about a new favorite of hers - The Kindle. This is an electronic book reader from Oprah said that she was sure she was going to hate it because she loves the touch and feel of books, she loves to have the texture of the pages in her hands and she doesn't particularly care for reading books from a computer.

She changed her mind when she got the Kindle. The pages on the Kindle book are an ink on an ivory background and the background is not back lit - all of that makes it easier on your eyes. You can enlarge the print, too. So when you're tired, but just can't put the book down, just adjust the print size!

I was actually looking at this little device the other day, so it was really nice that just a day or so later I got a whole presentation on it. I don't usually buy books from the NYTimes best seller list, so I'm not sure that all the types of books that I like to read are available yet on Kindle. I also don't read newspapers and that is a big feature for the Kindle that I would never use.

The cost of the Kindle is around $350. If you decide you want to buy before Nov 1st (I think that's the date) you can get $50 off if you put oprahwinfrey in the promo code section.

Oh, another thing -- Amazon holds all of your books in reserve after you purchase them. If you have deleted your copy of War & Peace from your Kindle and decide you'd like to read it again, you can have it downloaded again for no cost. The Kindle will hold a few hundred books, magazines and newspapers, but a little memory card will increase that to about 400 or more. Amazing.

I don't think I will be getting the Kindle anytime soon - even though the $50's off is quite a draw. I just don't think that the books I'm dying to get are available. I'll be checking it out more and more though because not taking a pile of books with me on vacations or on airplanes is a HUGE draw. 10.5 oz vs several pounds.

I hope you check out the Kindle. It is a real interesting product.


georgie said...

I have seen lots lately about the kindle...but I NEED books to fill my bookshelves...altho I can so see this as the wave of the tchnology driven future...I look at my bookshelves and think those poor trees!

"J" said...

That sounds really really really neat!!!

Anonymous said...

I saw these last Christmas and have thought about it off and on. I'm torn. I can't decide. I'll probably get one, but I just can afford it right now. Besides, I'm with georgie - I like books on my bookshelves!

exotic1 said...

I live in a small apartment and I hate to part with my books but this would sure help and the thought of all the books on one small device would be nice. I think the price will come down and the options will be even better in another year. Not to mention the titles that will be available.So even though I'd like one now I'm going to wait a year. As with all new technology at first it is expensive but then in a year or so it's about half the price.