Friday, October 10, 2008

Let's Celebrate!

Don't you just love a birthday party?

My favorite birthday was my 16th. It was a surprise party and I was truly surprised! I had no idea. I thought I was going to dinner that night with my family. Instead I came home from work, in my gold and brown Burger King uniform and was greeted by kids holding signs & cheering and people in the driveway clapping and welcoming me home. Hopefully I will be able to get some photos of that event this week. (Hey Mom, do you have any of those pictures scanned?) My hair even looked good that day! (always important) It was a great day. A real great day.

So, in celebration of my birthday on Saturday October 18th,

I will be having a blogging giveaway extravaganza!

Be sure and come back several times this coming week to see what I'm doing!

You just never know.

UPDATE: You know what I just noticed? This is my 300th post for 2008. Goodness, I can blog just about as much as I can talk! We're only 284 days into this year.


Mrs4444 said...

Happy Birthday! Maybe it will be lucky for me, since Mr.4444's b-day is also the 18th!

Thanks for popping in to my blog; I'm so happy to have inspired you on the picture thing! I hope you'll post a few of the pics when you do it :)

Brandi said...

Thank you for your encouraging words! They meant alot! Happy early B-Day! Come back to see me...

Kirby3131 said...

4444 - It's a great day!! Happy birthday to your Mr! I will post about the picture thing. I was working up a post in my head this morning while I was taking a shower.

Brandi - You are so welcome. Thanks!

Leigh said...

COngratulations on your upcoming birthday and your post! You know I love to drop in! Love the

Dr. Cason said...

Happy Early Birthday too!

My friends surprised me this last year for my 40th. My first surprise party - I burst into tears. :)

Hope it's a good one!

"J" said...

I can't wait to see the 16th b-day party post!!!! It's going to be a GREAT one!!!! lol

Tell mom to get on it - break out the pics!!! I'm ready to see the party!!!!!

Okay you have posted a lot! I know there are days where I have a hard time keeping up!!! lol I'm lucky to post a few times a never leave me always have something to blog about!!! You Go Girl...CONGRATS!!!!!!!!

If you come to Texas I will take you for a ride in teh gold!!!! HE HE HE

"J" said...

Oh yeah - PS - I haven't even hit 200 post and I've been blogging for almost a year now!!!!!