Thursday, October 16, 2008

Birthday Giveaway day four

What a great week!! My mother has been sending me an animated greeting card each morning from the Jacquie Lawson website. Yesterdays card was this one - go ahead, take a look!

My blogger friends have been leaving nice comments (but of course!) and well wishes. My husband has been doing real well, even though there's an election going on and he's pretty high strung about it. We aren't going to place an offer on a house we were thinking about flipping so that actually eases my mind a bit and I really got a great nights sleep last night.

So, in honor of all the good that has happened to me - and I know that part of it is because it's my birthday week, but part of it is because I'm sharing it with you all - I'm giving away this pair of beautiful chunk candles.

side note: I took probably a dozen pictures of these candles and this was the best shot. The candles will NOT be blurry when they get to you!

These candles were purchased in Asheville, NC when my husband and I spent a long weekend at the Grove Park Inn (FABULOUS place) - at least I'm pretty sure that's when I got them. I bought them with the full intention of giving them as a Christmas gift to someone. Instead they were wrapped gently, placed in a box and never seen from again!

I think these beautiful candles need a home, other than mine, since I obviously didn't take care of them properly. These candles are certain to be unscented, since I am allergic to most things that have a scent.

I unearthed them today and squeeled with glee that I had another FABULOUS gift to give during my celebration week.

I always see these ads where people light candles and place candles around the tub. Then in the tub is a mixture of water and bubbles and some lovely woman is gently caressing her leg. Tell me - Have you ever had a bath with even one candle burning in the bathtub area? Do you ever use bubble bath for yourself or use those bath bomb things I see for sale? What about those pretty salts? do you use those? I have always wanted to know.

OK, so enough babbling - Please leave a comment to be registered in the drawing for the pair of beautiful blue candles. I will draw names an hour earlier at 9pm Pacific time on Thursday October 16th.

Thanks so much and have a fabullous day!


Leigh said...

I think one time, ions ago I lit a candle when I was in the tub....and then....I was ready to get out. I'm not one to sit idol. Now I will light candles at night for supper and when we are watching tv. I love candles, just dont use them in my bth area to often. I will use some bath salts if I have some (for free or a gift, not me to buy them) and never bubble bath, that causes bladder infections.....

Happy BIrthday week! I hope you have had as much fun as I have attedning your party!

"J" said...

If I put a candle near my bath tub in the our lake house I would probably burn the place down!!! lol For real...there is NO SPACE for my nice long HOT baths!!! =( I miss our HUGE garden tub at the apartment!!! =( Boooo-Whoooo!!! I will say there is one other thing I miss too and that is the closet space!!!! =( I have no where to store ANYTHING! I still have a few more boxes to go through this weekend! I think a lot of what is left in these boxes I won't be keeping!!!!

Okay back to the bubble bath...
I love them, I just don't see myself enjoying them as I use to! Well, that is unless we go somewhere really nice and we get a nice hotel, I don't see that happening anytime soon either!!! lol

This was part of my motivation on this lake house! We could have knocked out walls and made the bathroom bigger but I didn't want that because we would have taken space away from the bedrooms! One day we will add on and I will get a master bedroom and a huge garden bath tub!!! I just know it!!! That is IF the drive doesn't kill us first!!! lol

I loved the card your mom send you! Thanks for sharing! =) The cat was CUTE! I hope you are having a GREAT b-day week!!!! =)

cpullum said...

I love the candles. I am a huge candle fan!! I have candles in every room!!! Just love it!!!


hondaray6 said...

Happy Birthday week to you! Those candles are beauties! I remember trying to take a scented bath with candles years ago....You see I remember "trying" but with 6 kids I don't remember actually accomplishing it! ;-) The kids are all gone now and if I win these I will put it on my bucket list!

Dr. Cason said...

I loved your tooth story! I highlighted it today on my blog!! :)

Mother Hen said...

Happy Birthday! Once upon a time, in the pre-Pirate era, I recall owning a box of Calgon something or other. I know I must have used it, but that was so long ago that the actual memory of the actual event is lost in the mists of time. :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting me!

Baths....nope. Not something I really ever take. Now DH, on the other hand, LOVES to take them. I don't think I've ever seen him with a candle, scented or otherwise, or salts or anything. Just hot water is enough.

Give me a long hot shower any day!

Gal said...

There was this time I lit a candle. This candle was hung on the wall in a beautifully decorated candle holder. It burned brightly and lit the room so delicately. I watched the candle's flame dance and dance casting shadows around the room.

But then something happened, it happened fast, it happened suddenly. All I did was stare for the first minute. Do you really understand how long a minute can be? The candle, it became possessed. It started dripping... yes dripping. All over the carpet and wall.

"Lil candle, what is wrong?" I thought. Then I thought "What is wrong with me?" and ran over to blow out the flame. Do you know how hard it is to get candle wax off a wall? Take my word for it, HARD!!!

Kirby3131 said...

The picked #4!!!

Hondaray6 you are now the proud new owner of these beautiful candles. Yeah!!!

Thanks so much for all of your stories. This has been a great week.


hondaray6 said...

I won!! WooHoo! My bucket list just got longer! LOL I've had a great time following your birthday! Evidently blogging may be the best way ever to get the most out of a birthday celebration!
I'm so glad I found you and got to "party" along! Thanks, Rhonda