Saturday, October 11, 2008

IKEA Catalog 2009

Do you see this catalog?

I picked up one exactly like it yesterday when I went to IKEA.

I was so excited to have the 2009 catalog in my home.

I could peruse at my leisure.

I could dog ear pages.

I could ...

Oh man - I picked up the Spanish speaking version.

So between the Swedish named pieces of furniture and the Spanish text I can't read a word.

Except Nuevo - that word is everywhere. It means New!

The prices are all in U.S. dollars, so at least I can look at the price.

How funny.

Maybe I can learn Spanish this year.

Have a wonderful weekend!!


GalPal said...

Yo gusto me amiga I don't speak that much spanish... but I still like you.

Leigh said...