Friday, October 03, 2008


I finally broke down and talked to my doctor about allergy tablets. I wrote about my allergies HERE and HERE but after I came back from my road trip last week, the herbal stuff just wasn't working. I was back to not sleeping because I couldn't breathe. Not a good plan. I become really really cranky when I don't get my 8 hours.

My husband and I went to dinner with our neighbors and also another man who lives in our building, but we had only seen once before (he thought he was moving here, but ended up not doing so.) This other man (I have forgotten his name!) is a pharmacist. When he heard my stuffed up nose voice we discussed my allergies...he just couldn't help himself. The first thing he told me was to get rid of my cat. Not an option. Then he suggested that I find a new home for my cat. Again, not an option. Then he suggested that the cat live in only one room of the house. Clearly the man doesn't like cats.

I asked Mr. Pharmacist what allergy medication he thought worked well for pet allergies. He said I need to get rid of my cat.

I was done with him.

So, I went to the doctor and among other things, we talked about my allergies. I told Mr. Dr. that I was not getting rid of my cat and I needed an allergy medication that would work on clearing my nose enough to sleep at night. I said that I used to take...and he interrupted and said "Claritin, right? and it just suddenly stopped working, right?" It was like he had read my mind. That was exactly the case.

He left the room and came back with nose sprays, two of them, and this new allergy medication called XYZAL (zi zal). You are to take it at bedtime. It may cause drowsiness and it is supposed to work on both indoor and outdoor allergies. I was totally drowsy the first day, but haven't been since...thank goodness.

I started taking the XYZAL on Friday of last week and finally on Tuesday I started feeling better. Wednesday I slept the entire night. Thursday I could breathe almost the entire day and today (Friday) I am a new woman.

I do believe that the herbal allergy meds were doing pretty well up until I went away and no housekeeping had been done while I was gone. I will not be finding a new home for my cat. I may consider not getting another allergy inducing pet in the future, but dear Mocha is staying.

I will give another XYZAL update in a month or so just to keep a record of whether or not it is still working. (Cross my fingers it IS still working.)

Have a great weekend!


"J" said...

Yoru doc sounds GREAT! =) I'm glad he got you on some meds that work!!!! =)

mub said...

That stuff makes me -so- tired, but it's the only thing that alleviates the rashes from my sun allergy! It's good stuff, and it seems after a few doses it doesn't make you quite so tired.

Anonymous said...

I'm SO glad I read this! FavoriteSon was taking Claritin and it has stopped working too! I'm going to ask about this. THANKS!

Kirby3131 said...

I have found that I have a sore throat in the morning when I wake up, so I have started taking the XYZAL about 10pm and drinking a large-ish glass of water before I go to sleep. I've done this the past two nights and have not had the sore throat in the morning.

I am not drowsy during the day anymore and I am feeling so good, I can hardly believe it.

Warning though -- I could hardly keep my head up that first day. I took 4 naps as I recall.