Thursday, October 09, 2008

New Flip Love

We found another house. It is just the perfect amount of ugly and beautiful. Trashed and treasured. This photo shows most of the front of the house -- off to the right is an open carport. You can just see the beginning of the opening in this photo. The old garage has been turned into a family room, but it is being marketed as a 4th bedroom.

According to me what we have here is...a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom home built in 1946 on an acre of land on the river (I think it's the St. Johns River - UPDATE: It is on the Arlington Rive just before it dumps into the St. Johns) in a really nice neighborhood. The houses in the neighborhood are a mix of old and new places, but mostly updated 40's, 50's and 60's homes. There is a screened in porch, a former screened in porch that has been turned into an indoor area, a small dining room area, living room with fireplace, family room (what they call a 4th bedroom) and the carport. It is about 3300 square feet.

This is the backyard. It is on the river and it has a dock and two boat slips. One of the boatslips is covered. I didn't go out there (not a fan of the water) so I have no idea what it looks like out there. Tom looked and told me, but I wasn't listening lol

We are having an appraiser out to take a look at the house on Monday. We'll see if it is something we want to take on after he shows up and gives his official appraiser opinion lol

Oh, the house needs a new roof. I'll show you more pictures tomorrow or later tonight. I took about 80 pictures of the place, so I've got plenty to show!

Have a great day!

Edited - 30 June 2010 - this house has been bulldozed.  I haven't seen what it going in its place.


Shannon said...

I think this would be so much fun, a lot of work, but so fun. My parents flip houses and it is so neat to see the before and afters. :)

Leigh said...

Oh! SOOOO much poential here. I cannot wait to see what you do with it.

"J" said...

I love the backyard! I love it!!! I would buy it just for that!!! lol

I'm such a WATER NUT!!!!


I can't wait to hear more!!!!!