Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mammogram results

I talked about researching what was going to happen at my mammogram here
and the next day I talked about my experience at the imaging center here

Today in the mail, I got the results of my Mammogram.

The form said that there were Benign Findings (BI-RADS 2) - there was no evidence of cancer.

I saw two dots when I looked at the X-ray at the office last week. I mentioned that they didn't look at all scary and I guess I was right! So I'm assuming that those little spots were the benign findings.

Please remember though that not all cancers are found through mammography. A breast finding of concern should never be ignored. If you notice any new changes in your breast(s) you should bring to your health care provider's attention immediately.

I will continue to have yearly mammograms, especially now that I know that it is an easy and pain free procedure.

Have a fabulous day!


Genny said...

Congratulations on a clear test! That's wonderful news!

Leigh said...


gingela5 said...

Yay--there's nothing better than a clean bill of health!

Anonymous said...

Good NEWS!!

Gal said...

What a winner!!!!!!!!

"J" said...

That is GREAT news!!!!! =)