Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Springfield kitchen

The flip house we are renovating near downtown Jacksonville, is getting it's final touches. My husband told me that we'd be done in a week (about two weeks ago) but I'm fairly certain we've got another two weeks to go.

This is the tile that is going up in the kitchen. I thought it was a little blah - brown and beige - but I allowed my husband to go pick it out, so I'm not going to complain. It actually looks pretty good in there. It will look even better once it's grouted.

The countertop is beech butcherblock, just like the one we used in the Jupiter house. We had a big chunk of the butcherblock left over from the other job, so when I went to IKEA a few weeks ago I picked up one more piece and the countertop was complete. It is so inexpensive. The piece I picked up was $130 or so. That's just an incredible price for such a great looking countertop.

I'm in charge of the painting in the house. Yesterday the man we have hired to help and I caulked crown molding, chair rails, nail holes, around the windows and everywhere else that needed it. I also painted two doors. I have about 6 more doors to go and since it is pretty chilly in Jacksonville today, it will probably take a bit longer for the paint to dry today. Ahhh, the joys of painting.

So I'm off for the day. Painting and caulking and listening to the boys yammer on and on. Maybe I'll bring my Monster Ballads CD.

Have a great day!


gingela5 said...

Good luck painting! I like the kitchen tile--nice and neutral! Can go with anything!

"J" said...

I like the tile work!!!! It's neutral so anyone can dress it up with any kind of kitchen colors or decorations!!! It's a great selling point!!! Which yall already know that!!!

Have fun painting!!! We still have paint touch ups to do!!! Plus trim work!!! UGH!!!

We are hoping to have it all done by Nov 22nd...I'm throwing Shad a BIG birthday party!!!! =) You know me...I love parties!!!!

Katherine (Aussiekat) said...

Kristen, love following your flip adventures - I had a 20-year old townhouse that needs work of it's own ... and I love IKEA. Might have to check out their countertops.