Thursday, October 16, 2008

Are you well traveled?

This is a map of the United States with Alaska and Hawaii crammed on the bottom. This map shows all of the states that I have visited with one exception...I've been to the Airport in Minneapolis, MN but since I never went outside I didn't count it. I really need to go to these northern states in the summer because I'm not a winter gal, even though I did grow up in Michigan.

visited 40 states (80%)
Create your own visited map of The United States.

So how many states have you visited in your lifetime?

I'm kind of surprised that I have missed Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana. However, I can see my driving trips just by looking at the map. I drove from Albuquerque to Michigan once. I drove to California and back - taking a northern route out there and the southern route back to Michigan. I have driven about every possible route from Michigan to Florida. I went on a road trip with my friend Ingrid once. We met in Seattle, WA and drove to Santa Cruz, CA. My grandparents lived in Alabama for many years and another set of grandparents lived in Nebraska. My uncle lived in the DC area at one time, my sister lived in Philly and in Portland, ME & I have a friend in New Hampshire. Trips were made to see all of these folks at one time or another.

My overseas map is pretty lame. I've been to Sweden, Norway and Denmark. That's it. (Well, the airport in Amsterdam, but that doesn't count in my book.) Next summer I hope to add the Isle of Mann, Ireland, Scotland and England to that list.

My friend J over at Musings from Left Field posted this on her blog, so I totally stole it LOL Thanks J!! I had a great time thinking about my trips and treaures.

Have fun with this!


Leigh said...

I will post mine too...sooon..

"J" said...

Wow, you have been all over!!! lol =) Way more places than I've been!

I want to add NY to my list!!!! Maybe on day!!!

The map was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much FUN!

Mrs4444 said...

20 for me! Looks like I need to hit the Badlands/Grand Canyon area. We sure have a lot of fantastic places to visit in the US, don't we?!