Wednesday, October 08, 2008

WFMW - Pack & Ship

Great Packing Material for Mailing those Gifts.

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All of a sudden I have a ton of plastic bags in the house. 99% of the time I take my plastic milk crate on wheels (aka my bucket) to the grocery store & fill that up instead of getting bags, but for some reason the plastic bags have multiplied. I did go away for a few days and the dear Husband does not use the bucket, so maybe that's where this started...but I digress.

I was about to load the bags into my bucket to take back to the store for recycling when I remembered that I could probably use the bags in the next few months AND it would make for a great tip for WFMW.

I like to use the leftover plastic bags to put into boxes when I mail out gifts or other assorted items. The bags are lightweight, are easily moldable around objects, have enough air in them to keep a bit of bounce (for those bumpy mailcarrier rides) and are FREE. You can roll a few of them together to make a sturdy piece for sticking in the corners of boxes or you can just grab a few and push them into the little space between the side of your gift and the box.

I've stuffed all of my bags into one bag (top photo) and will keep the bags in with the wrapping paper for now (so I won't forget to use them.) All of my Christmas gifts have to be sent out, so I've got a bit of packing & shipping to do.

Hope you have a great week and be sure to head over to Rocks in my Dryer for more incredible tips.



Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

That is a really good idea. I am actually almost out of bags myself, maybe I need to go to the grocery store to stock up instead of using my reusable bags. Great tip!

Genny said...

What a great idea!

Anna said...

What a great idea! Thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

I do the same thing! They are so lightweight - so much better than newspaper! And, like you said - FREE!

The Gluten-Free Homemaker said...

I do this too. Thanks for the reminder that I need to be hanging on to some for Christmas shipping.

Sherry said...

How cool! :D I always have a bunch of these.

Have a great WFMW!

"J" said...


I use mine to carry my lunch in!!!! =) That is my "lunch bag" lol

Dr. Cason said...

I never even thought of this! What a great idea. I have some packages that need to go out soon. i'll use this!

chanelireli said...

What a great idea!