Friday, October 31, 2008

The Tree

Tom and I went to look at a house a few weeks back and we found this tree in the back yard. The tree has grown around the fence, moved the fence and has totally been disfigured by the fence, but yet it is still growing strong.

I loved the marks on the tree.

I must have stared at that tree for 5 minutes.

It was becoming a metaphor of my life - Growing up strong and then encountering some problems. At some point trying to push it all aside, but unable to do so, so finally just accepting the situation(s) and worked my life around it. Some of the scars are showing, but they create a beautiful pattern on my life.

All this from a tree.

I asked my husband what he thought when he saw the tree - He said it was really cool. No deep metaphors for him. However, he had already moved us into that house, built a second floor and had a boat house on that lot before we left the place. The house has a lot of character inside the house, but it needs a lot of work and about half of the money will have to go to repairing the sea wall on this river front home. I decided someone else needed to love the house and live with the tree.

I'm just really glad I was given the chance to see the tree and think about life in a new way.

Have a great weekend!

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"J" said...

Tooooooooooo cool!!!!! =)

What a GREAT story!!!!!