Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Done and done

This is the second and final episode of the chair.  If you happened to miss part one it was yesterday's Before and During.

I took a friend to the airport in the morning, came home and instead of going to up to the Mayo Clinic to meet with friends, I crawled right back into bed.  I love sleeping on rainy, cloudy days and that's what today was...it rained and rained and rained. 

After my late morning nap, I decided to finish up that chair.  I certainly wasn't going to go play in the rain or run errands, so this was a perfect rainy day activity.

I spent a few hours, literally a few hours, pulling out these tiny, rusty nails out of the wood backboard and seat.  My tools were a screwdriver, hammer and vise grips.  I love vise grips.  I really do.  They can grab hold of the smallest things and make me feel like I have super grip! 

I cut the foam to the size of the boards and then lined up the two pieces on the striped fabric, making sure that the stripes matched up, top piece to bottom piece.

I found the center point an drew a line on the board so that the brown line matched up on both sides.   Then I used my staple gun and put a few staples in each side to secure the fit and then I finished up the sides and corners.

I've reupholstered dining room chairs before, but I've never used stripes.  This piece made me so nervous!  The shapes were curvy and uneven but I managed to get the stripes to actually match up.  Whew!

I just wish I knew what kind of chair it is.  I've Googled about everything I can possibly think of and haven't found this style.  Anyone have any ideas? 

Have a great day!


Keetha Broyles said...

Very stylish! I love it - - - you do nice work!!!

Jean said...

I like the stripes! Nice work! Good luck finding the style of chair. :)

Lisa said...

Wow! That came out amazing. Great job with the stripes. I would guess its a Mission style. Why? Because its the only 'style' of furniture I know. lol.

can you take a picture of it to a local antique store and ask them?

Ann in the UP said...

It looks beautiful! I love that fabric!

Now you have us all curious about the chair. Good luck finding an answer.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Kristin, it came out so beautiful. I love the material. We need to do out dining room chairs but have put it off. You have inspired me!

Mrs4444 said...

Hey, Kristin! I believe I have the same chair!! It sits in front of the waterfall-front antique vanity I have, which is one of the pieces in our bedroom set. So easy to replace the fabric...mine is burgundy-colored :) Love the stripes!