Saturday, January 22, 2011

POTD - Roller Mixer

POTD - Roller Mixer
©2010 Kristin Corlett

The story goes that when I was a kid I would call a cement truck a roller mixer.  I don't recall ever saying that but ever since my mother told me the story, I call them roller mixers.  When the small child of a friend of mine called her grilled cheese sandwich a gorilla cheese, it stuck with me and I've been calling them that ever since.   I like how these little funny things stay in my vocabulary.  Do you have any in yours?

UPDATE: I got some great Facebook comments because I post the photo of the day on my FB profile, too.  Anyway, I wanted to include the comments here because they were a lot of fun.

L - Egg bread instead of French Toast. Slippy instead of slippery.

D - my niece, when younger, use to say "holy, moly, cow" and it's stuck ever since

S - My eldest daughter had a tough time saying delicious. She would say " It's dish wishes"!
I still say it!

I said --These little phrases or words are so much fun to hear. I'd like to add these into my vocab every so often LOL

L - From time to time I call Munster cheese Monster Cheese.

J - Your uncle Alan called biscuits, bikkys...and your uncle Matt called mayonnaise new corega . At least I think it was Matt.

K - My son used to refer to a drink called "cocopepsi". He thought it was the drink we ordered when eating out when we were actually asking, "do you have coke or pepsi"? It was too funny when we figured it out :)


Keetha Broyles said...

Great picture of a row of roller mixers!

I don't know if I have any - - - oh yes I do!!! I call hostas pastas!

jennifer said...

FaBuLoUs photo!

We use the word "rememory" for memory. We call crayons "crowns". Sometimes I say Unguns instead of onions.

All of these are because of our kids of course.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

The the shot of them all lined up.
I can't think of any right now, I will have to give this some thought.

lisleman said...

Some years ago my family started calling me worst-case-scenario-man but now my wife has taken over the job. Not quite the same as your roller mixers but it's what popped into my head.
like the picture - did you take any other angles?

Ann in the UP said...

We borrowed a few Sniglets such as "hozone"---where socks disappear to in the laundry cycles, and "Wendensity", that lineup of fast food joints, oil change places, motels, etc. at the edge of every big city nowadays.

Mrs4444 said...

"CokeoPepsi" hahhahah That's a good one!

It's a long story, but 11-year-old Kyle once (and only once, I assure you) referred to "masturbation" as "monsterbation." He was totally serious. I LMAO (inside my head) and gently corrected him.

Not sure if that's what you were hoping for, but I had to tell it!haha