Thursday, January 06, 2011

Friday Fragments

It's Friday Fragments Day!  
It's Friday Fragments Day!

Welcome to the very first 2011 edition of Friday Fragments.  This is the place where we're able to put little snippets of fun or interesting things together without having to stretch that idea into an entire blog post.  This particular FF post is a collection of things that I have found over the past month and have saved them until they made a long enough (and hopefully interesting enough!) FF post.

Mrs. 4444 is our lovely host and I am so grateful for her continued hosting of this fun carnival.  For more Friday Fragment finds, please head on over to Half-Past Kissin' Time.  Thanks!


I wrote this on Facebook during the Christmas baking frenzy - "Two cookie projects done - kitchen all cleaned up. Now to make a couple more things. Clean as you go!"

My mom made this comment - "the best thing she ever taught me!! bar none."

I baked six - eight things one evening and I kept a full sink full of soapy water and washed as I baked and at the end of one project, I completely cleaned up.  It keeps the destruction manageable - something that my mom had to learn from her daughter :)


A funny quote from the movie, What About Bob?

I just need some peace and quiet.
OK, I'll be quiet.
And I'll be peace.


This is a little late for Christmas, but I loved it. The Silent Monks singing the Hallelujah Chorus.


An Etsy find - Even Andy's shop.  Two wrongs don't make a right, but three rights make a left. hahaha!


If someone were to say to you - "What's the garlic capital of the world?" what would you say? My sister Hillary and I knew it right off the bat. Funny the things you know!


I was watching some entertainment hollywood story or something like that on beauty queens.  Fallen beauty queens to be exact.  After watching the show - I was just riveted (haha) - I realized that no matter how hard I might try, I will never be labeled a fallen beauty queen.  There's something kind of liberating knowing this. 


This is a lovely, useful apple chart.  Click to enlarge.  (Source)


I got this spam comment today - What is the point?  There wasn't a link and you know that it was a mass submitted spam comment.  Mine wasn't the only one to get it.  It's just a waste of time.


Last but certainly not least, I want to Thank all of you for your prayers for my transplant friend.  If you'd like to read about her, you can see part I and part II


The garlic capital of the world is Gilroy, CA

Hope you have a great day!


Mrs4444 said...

Thanks for the Gilroy answer :) I had no idea.

I admire your clean-up philosophy. Unfortunately, I am more of the "mess as you go" kind of cook!

Speaking of the holidays, I packed up my little ornament today and thought of you (of course).

Who knew there were so many types of apples?!

Loved your intro, BTW :)

Unknown Mami said...

I don't live too far away from Gilroy.

Happy New Year!

Marg Henry said...

I have always started out with a sinkful of soapy hot water, and added dishes/pot/pans and cleaned as I went. But when you cook and wash for 6 and often for more, especially around the holidays, it eventually gets out of hand. You can't possibly keep up. Pots and pans, dishes and more dishes, crystal, silver... But it WILL get done, so what if not right away? I'd rather the pleasure of cooking well for my family and friends. The remainder of the dishes will, soon, get done. I am only now getting my kitchen together after a long holiday with at least 6 guests each and every night : )

lisleman said...

my cooking is limited to boil water, microwave, toaster but my wife is a great chef but I wish she used your approach. She is the opposite. A great meal comes out but it looks like a tornado follows her around the kitchen.
- I could join that Monk group since I could remain silent.
- Garlic is great and I guess Twilight series didn't play well there.

jennifer said...

I will NEVER visit Gillroy CA. UGH.

Karen and Gerard said...

Thanks for that new trivia fact about the garlic capital of the world--didn't know that, but will probably soon forget it.

Cleaning as you go is a great idea--we did that at Christmas as we opened presents. Just brought out the big garbage can and as we unwrapped, anything we didn't want to recycle went right into the can. We both hate mess.

Anonymous bugs me too--I agree with you, totally pointless and a waste of time.

Jene said...

I can't believe how much baking I did this year. I've never been one to clean as I go, though! Maybe I'll have to give it a try next year.

I love garlic! You've just helped me add a travel destination to my must-visit list.

Have a great weekend!

Tettelestai said...

did not know gilroy either!! how funny! you are to be my trivia partner next game, okay ;-)

thank you for the beauty queen thing, i never was and after having kids i sure won't win any thing like that. but it's nice to know that folks won't think of me as a wash up.... yet.

i think i had to learn the 'clean as you go' when we had no dishwasher in our seminary apartment. it was easier and less cluttered to just clean as i went along. but that is a great habit, isnt' it?? woohoo!

Ann in the UP said...

I've been through Gilroy, but couldn't recall that it was the garlic capital. Rats!

I love the apple chart! If I weren't decluttering, I'd find me one. I empty the dishwasher before I start to bake, and I clean as I go too. I don't have enough counter space to be a messy baker.

mub said...

Oh my GOSH! Thank you for posting that video, I'm completely cracking up over here!!

I hate doing dishes... if it doesn't fit in the dishwasher it will usually have to wait until I run the next load *L*

qandlequeen said...

To be a beauty queen one would have to actually "do" something with her face and hair, neither of which are high on my list of priorities. The fact that I brush my hair every morning and wash my face is a major feat.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

These are always fun. I try to clean as I go. I would have to say Gilroy, CA. I haven't driven through this town many times and it sure has the smell! I love What About Bob, great movie. That video is awesome. I usually try to comment as I go to each item, didn't know you had Gilroy at the bottom :)

SueMac said...

Thanks for the answer... thought I was going to have to Google it! Clean as you cook.... say it all the time!

brainella said...

If they are silent monks how can they sing??

Somehow I think it's better to be normal than to be a fallen beauty queen. :)

Dysfunctional Mom said...

I had no idea what the garlic capital of the world could be. Imporessive!
I am not a cleaner-upper-as-I-go-er. My MIL is, though. By the time she's serving, almost everything is cleaned up.
I love golden delicious apples...and now I want one!