Sunday, January 09, 2011

See my belly?

Today in Unknown Mami's Sundays in my City submission she posted a belly picture.

Her belly. 

Her final phrase was "I showed you mine, now show me yours."

I laughed and thought, there is no way I'm showing off my belly!
even though I knew she meant "show her my city."

But it got me I have any belly pictures?

and I do!

In December my mom's cats, Snuff and New Kitty, realized that their noses were chilly, so they decided to stick them right in the heat vent under the kitchen cabinet.    My mom captured this moment.

Look at those bellies!

Here is New Kitty, in nearly the same spot in the kitchen, but at least you can see her furry face.  She lays like this all the time. 

What a hoot.

Have a great day!


Marg Henry said...

How about Colin in Ireland (our xmas photo collage).

Keetha Broyles said...

Your mom "ain't" raising no DUMB kitties!

Unknown Mami said...

Oh that was fun! Thanks for the chuckle.

pontiusmsu said...

Awww, what a couple of cuties.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the smiles - I'm a sucker for kitty antics.

Ann in the UP said...

Your mom's kitties must feel very secure there, to fall asleep in their most vulnerable position. In the way, too. Like kitties always like to be.

qandlequeen said...

How in the hell did I miss this? Those bellies (the cats not Mami) are begging for a good scratching. I love cats!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

What cute shots your mom got. They are adorable!

Ruth said...

hey kristin! i hadn't heard of a 52 project before your lovely comment but i think that is definitely more up my street than another 365 this year!!
your photography is amazing - it will be a knockout compilation at the end of the year.
LOVE these kitties!