Monday, January 17, 2011


I'm happy that the beginning of this year I decided that my only must was to take a photo a day.  I wasn't going to worry if I didn't have a blog post, I wasn't going to worry if I couldn't do the POTD on the blog a few days.  It was a way to relieve some of the pressure I put upon myself, but  I had no idea that so soon into the new year I would be thrown for a loop and taken away from morning til night several days in a row.

Well, I didn't fret about it, but I do feel a little bad that I didn't get the POTD picked out for today.  Oh well.  We'll start up again tomorrow :) 

However!  I mentioned the other day that my husband purchased the contents of a storage unit and I've been looking forward to giving the tour.    We spent nine hours, nine very long hours cleaning out this unit.

Let me say that this rake, that was part of the treasures found in the storage unit, really represented the quality of items we found.  Highly representative. 

This was nearing the end of the sort.  Good from bad.  Bad from worse.  All the trash we put back into the unit at this point.

Another view. 
Honestly, it was 95% trash.
That might actually be generous.

A couple of end tables and in the back of this photo there are three bar stools.  The vacuums were trash,  unfortunately. 

I have a bit of hope on this piece of furniture.  I think it needs to be painted, new knobs and new inserts in the bottom doors and it might be a great piece.

Does anyone know anything about this piggy?  This might just possibly be worth something, but he's pretty rough.

These were my two favorite things from the unit.  An 18" wooden ruler and a little seal.

The seal had a little hole in his back and a spike on the bottom, so I'm assuming that this guy is a birthday candle holder.   I couldn't find a very good way to photograph him, until I thought to use the space between the hood and the side of the car. 

I love that ruler.  Why?  because it's longer than 12" and shorter than a yard.

Funny, I know. 

These were pretty cool.  Commemorative Coke bottles.  1984 SEC Championship (Florida Gators) bottles, two NASCAR bottles, an old empty one that's pretty damaged and the 50th Anniversary Publix edition. Publix is a grocery store chain, that's been around over 50 years!

I think these bottles might be worth a little penny or two.

This glass bowl is kind of psychedelic and I remember people having these in their homes in the 70s.  IT was the 70s, right? 

The fake stained glass lamp shade is nice. I hope it cleans up.

Tom spent more time than just the nine hours on that unit.  He had to go back for all the trash in the unit the next day and he arrived before me on the day of the clean out.  If you don't completely clean out the unit, then you are charged an additional $100.  He also paid for the unit (far too much for what was found.)  It was a learning experience and we'll do it again, I'm sure, but this unit was not profitable. 

Oh!  We also found BudMan.  We've already got him listed on ebay, here.

Hope you're having a great day!


42N said...

You are the first person tha I know to buy a storage unit contents. I hope you have better luck next time.

Keetha Broyles said...

I think you could sell the tables and that hutch on Craig's list or in a shop - - - lots of ladies like to buy things like that and paint/redo them.

I like the tiffany-esque lamp.

But, that was A LOT of time and energy and commitment for just that, wasn't it?

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Budman is cool and the coke bottles are awesome. I think that hutch might be really pretty fixed up. Why would people put stuff in storage that isn't worth much at all. Someone once told my husband that he use to have storage for things like family ski's and things that there wasn't room for in their garage. Then he realized that he could just buy new stuff each year for the money he was paying each month!

Ann in the UP said...

That venture was sort of like an archeological dig in a dump. Lots of work for such little reward.

Some interesting pictures though.

qandlequeen said...

I'm one of the sick people who think this would be a fun activity. Hope the Coke bottles pay off, those are pretty cool.

solo-dancer said...

hey...the 'tiffany' lamp looks just like the one I finally took to good will!!!

Mrs4444 said...

That was really interesting! Too bad this one was so much work. I do love that sideboard thingy--very beautiful.

Better luck next time...