Tuesday, January 18, 2011


It's not Friday that's for sure, but I'm just full of randomness and I have to get it out. 
Join me won't you?  I have some questions that need answers.

Who would buy these?  (you can click to enlarge)  Do these scare the heck out of you?  Is it supposed to be purely humorous? or is this serious?

I saw these at a business liquidation sale.  They were right by the entrance and I have to say that they freaked me out.  Those long "necks" and round 3D heads are scary, don't you think? 

or am I alone in this? 

I don't know where I found this, but what a hoot.  Since casual is in and untucked shirt tails are no longer taboo, this fix is probably is only going to make that shirt unwearable.  But you know that some mother, some time ago, actually did this to all of her son's shirts.  I can just imagine the reaction. 

I was in the canned veggie isle, looking for creamed corn when I spied these giant cans.  Actually, there were two different brands of cut green beans with potatoes.  Giant cans of them.  I don't think I've ever been served cut green beans with potatoes, nor have I ever heard anyone say - Hey, while you're out, pick me a large can of green beans and potatoes.  You can't miss them, they're on the bottom shelf. 

Do you use these?  Is there a special recipe that requires beans and potatoes?  Am I missing something?  I'm just confused.  It's painfully obvious that I don't have canned veggies too often.

It rained all day the other day and in the evening I was blessed with this lovely scene.  I didn't have to drive in it, so it was quite lovely :)    The fire looking thing in the center of the picture is the fountain in the lake, all lit up. 

This past week has been a mixture of high highs and low lows.  I've spent many hours in silence thinking about life, death, family and ultimately about myself.   I picked a word for this year and it is ACTION.   We are 18 days into this new year and I've been actioning!  I found myself a few times saying no to doing something that needed to be done, then I thought of my word and did what needed to be done anyway. 

In the transplant community it's easy to get pulled into emergency mode.  So many of these folks can get sick in a moments notice and it's easy to push everything else aside to help my friends with their emergencies.  ACTION is going to help me delegate some tasks, pass on others and do the rest.   Action, not procrastination and definitely not neglect.

Hope you have a great day!


Keetha Broyles said...

There is this really yummy, rustic, "cabin" dish of green beans, potatoes, and polish sausage (or something very similar) all boiled together with some onions. I've never seen green beans and potatoes together in a can before, but It would make for a very quick supper with just sausage added.

Caution Flag said...

I've seen those cans of green beans and potatoes before and always thought they looked as appetizing as the jars of mixed peanut butter and jelly.

ACTION. I look it. My mantra this year is MOVE. So far, so kinda good on that one!

Marg said...

I don't use canned veg, and only occasionally do I use frozen. But I often combine potatoes with fresh veg. Spinach is excellent, peas are great as well. Peppers. Whatever you fancy. Potatoes can be chopped up, mashed or fried (think hash browns). My grandmother used to make me a sandwich on a Kaiser roll that consisted of eggs and potatoes scrambled up - to die for. And after St. Patrick's day, she combined the corned beef and potatoes and ground them into hash. You just have to think of the potato as the palette, then paint away!!!

lisleman said...

well it looks like the canned beans have been covered in the comments so I'll move on to the coat hangers and lace (could be a book title). They are sorta humorous but would have been better if they just had tiny golf balls or tennis balls instead of heads. People don't like eyes staring at them while they hang-up their coat.
Now the lace could be a big hit and possible trend setter for some boys. Maybe sewing lace on a football jersey might keep those tucked in but who tucks in their football jersey. That mother probably wouldn't like mens dress shirts on women either.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I really had to look closely at those. Then I thought they were kind of cute in a strange way.
Love that ad about sewing something on the bottom of boys shirts. I don't believe I have ever seen those cans with green beans and potatoes. I do know that we like to put corn into our mashed potatoes. I like your word. Hope your having a nice week.

Dysfunctional Mom said...

I was raised on canned veggies, and although I rarely use them now, I can tell you that those green beans & taters are DELICIOUS. I also like to make fresh green beans with new potatoes, all in one big pot!
Those hanger thingies are bizarre-o!

Lisa said...

I love the fog shot. And I am really likeing your ACTION plan. I am guilty of always ssaying no to doing things outside of my comfort zone. But when I do them, they end up being fun, or just what I needed. Your post touched me and just after reading Tara Whitney's newest about where she is with life, and how she is living,t that touched me this morning too. Its why I love blogging so much.

Rebecca said...

The potoatoes? My mom always makes diced up fresh potatoes and a ....a lot of fresh green beans. She will boil everything in a few cups of chicken broth and fresh cracked pepper until everything is tender. Delicious.

Almost, forgot....she also adds a few strips of fresh bacon in the potato/green beans/broth mixture. She takes the bacon strips out before serving.