Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fair Warning SOLD

I'm hopeless.
I love auctions.

This guy stood on this ladder all day auctioning off everything.  I've spent a few hours (make that a few hundred hours) on a ladder and by the end of the day I can hardly walk.   I don't know how this guy can handle being up there all day.  Ouch!

This was a giant warehouse where they get consignments and I bet they purchase a lot of items from estate sales and such.  There were a lot of items on the walls and hanging from the ceiling that weren't for sale, but were pretty cool.  This guitar crossing sign was fun and so was the Bates Motel Store sign.

I had no idea what these plastic looking spear things were, but when I pointed them out to my husband he thought he knew.  He said they were horse heads for jousting.  The horse snout would actually be covered in amour so it didn't need to be formed in the plastic or whatever that substance is. 

These two pieces were way up near the ceiling, otherwise I would have touched it :)

This was a great auction.  A lot of really great deals, an auctioneer that understood how to chant and a nice selection of items from High to Low end. 

Tom bought a few pieces that weren't a good deal, in my opinion, but on a few others he did great.

I, on the other hand, did a really great job. All of the things I won I got at a pretty decent price.

I saw this Koi Vase and knew if it went for under $100 it was going to be mine.  Any more than that and I just couldn't be sure if I could sell it or if it was worth it to keep.  It is just an inch shy of five feet tall, white pottery/ceramic/porcelain with stenciled koi fish with gold scales. 

We purchased it for $85 plus 12% buyers premium, which comes up to just under $100 :)   It doesn't match anything in my house, isn't my style, isn't green (I love green pottery), and Lord knows I don't have a place to put it, so we dropped it off at Tom's office where we are going to have a sale this coming weekend.  But I have to admit that I really really want to keep it!

We came home and Googled the vase.  I found the Global Views site and they sell this vase,  Koi Vase from Global Views.  If you clicked over, you will have noticed that this vase is on sale for around $1430.   That's the sale price!  Ahhh, I think I did pretty well for my $100 dollar bill!

So the vase is going up for sale.  Maybe I can get $700 for it - maybe more?!  It probably won't sell this weekend, but that's OK.  I'm willing to wait :)

These two cat watercolors were on the wall of the auction house, but weren't for sale.  I asked if they'd put them up for bid anyway, they did and I came home with them for $25 for the pair.  I opened up the back of the frames and found out that they are from the artist Carrie Hawks, The top one is Fat Red Fred and the bottom one is Plaid Cat.  Mocha decided they could stay after a good sniffing. 

The other items we purchased I didn't photograph, but it's all going into our sale - a scale, another framed picture, a tilt top table, two rugs, an original animation cell of Fred and Barney and a swing arm lamp, which is in my guest bedroom, so that's not for sale.  That lamp is for Bob when she comes to stay in less than a month.  She likes to read in bed :)

I hope we are able to sell all of the items we culled from the storage unit (here) at the sale next weekend.   Speaking of that disaster of a purchase - we have a few hours left on the Bud Man stein and we just listed that vintage pig cookie jar, if you want to take a look. 

Have a wonderful upcoming week and lovely night,


Keetha Broyles said...

Some of our Marion friends go to an auction like this one EVERY Friday night. It's what they look forward to EVERY WEEK!

Ruth Ann said...

That sounds sooo fun! There is a big antique type of store and I thought about getting a both there and selling unique things that I pick up at Flea Markets and yard sales. I don't know if will actually do that because it costs money (which I currently do not have). But it's a dream!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I can't believe the price of that vase and what you paid for it. Looks like you had a really good day!

Lisa said...

I just love auctions, too. Got so bad we had a basement full of stuff we were supposed to resell, but couldn't. The flea market mentality does not allow people to pay what something is worth.

You did great! Especially on that vase. Very cool!

Angie said...

How cool - I've never been to an auction!

Great deal on the vase!!

42N said...

We go to auctions weekly too. I usually don't get much but my wife does and resells on eBay.