Monday, January 31, 2011

The Wreck

My husband and I worked together this afternoon cleaning out his office and organizing all of the items that we have for sale.  I really didn't even get too frustrated with him, so it was a very good day!

I left his office with him saying "I'm right behind you."  Which in Tom speak means about 20 minutes.  I stopped by the car wash and got the car nice and clean, arrived home, fed the cat, sat down on the couch and the phone rang.

I've been in a wreck, can you come?  Who do I call?  Is it 911?  (Are you bleeding?)  I think I'm fine, but I'm sick, bring water, I'm hyperventilating, nevermind, a policeman just arrived on the scene, what luck.  Come on over here.  OK bye. 

I arrived on scene to see this.  
This is my husband's truck. 
The side view mirror is nearly gone, too - we found the casing to it inside the truck.
Tom is very lucky he didn't lose his hand because he had the window down and his arm on the window ledge (for lack of a better term.)

I had to laugh that a whole line of men were running by - police cadets maybe?  They were all dressed in blue.   There were about 30 of them. 

This is the offenders truck.  It was about 50 yards away from where Tom's truck ended up.

This is the Sheriff Officer who was going by just moments after the wreck.  We figure it was about 5 minutes.  Pretty quick response for never getting a call!  He was great.

This is the Officer who came to talk with the driver of the other car to determine if he was impaired.  The other driver has his hands up in the air describing some tall tale about how Tom ran him off the road and rammed him with the front of his car.  Or maybe it was the story about the other drivers all being erratic or maybe it was the one...  He had a lot of stories.  The first thing out of his mouth was that he was on Oxycontin and a muscle relaxant and has been driving on those drugs for years.

While we were standing along side the road another man pulled up, got out of his car and came over to us. He was sheet white.  I didn't understand why at first, but soon learned.  The idiot that wrecked Tom's car had, just 20 minutes prior, ran into the back of this gentleman.  He didn't see any damage to his car and he was in a hurry, so he just exchanged names with the guy and took off.  On his way home, he saw the wreck.

When he saw our accident and the blue truck, he was so regretful that he didn't file a report.  As I told him, I wouldn't have either, not if there wasn't any damage.  It just was unfortunate all the way around.  He decided to file a report with the officers right then.  I hope that in some way this extra report helped keep the impaired guy in jail at least overnight. 

Almost a month ago my husband sold his car and his truck and purchased this truck.  This truck, that was a used truck, about 5 years old and very low miles.  This truck that is now hanging out at the wrecker service place.

Tom is pretty sore and I think he may be seeing a Dr. in the morning just to get looked over (his lower back is the problem area tonight) and make sure he's OK.  We picked up a rental car tonight and we'll just have to wait and see what happens with everything as the week goes on.

What a day this turned out to be, but how fortunate that the accident wasn't more serious.

Hope you have a great day!


Dysfunctional Mom said...

I'm so glad he's ok! That guy sounds dangerous. (the other driver, not Tom!)

Keetha Broyles said...

I am very sorry this happened to Tom.

BUT - - - my unruly sense of humor kicked in BIG TIME when you finished this accident report with: "I hope YOU have a GREAT day!"


Ann in the UP said...

Well, there's a good example of somebody who doesn't have the sense to stay home when he shouldn't be out driving! Poor Tom.

I'm glad you had such quick attention from law enforcement, and hope Tom's OK. It always seems even worse when it's a new (to you) vehicle.

Lisa said...

As terrible an event it was, so many things went right to help Tom. The other guys report, the sheriff nearby, driving a truck and not a car.


Hope he's feeling better this morning.

And a sidenote, I chuckled because I can see my husband wanting me to ask if the truck will be for sale now?! He buys wrecked, and broken cars to flip for resale. Now he has me on the lookout. Wish I lived closer, we could have lent you a car.

mub said...

What a relief that the accident wasn't worse! I hope he won't be sore for too long.

Mike Golch said...

driving impaired sucks indeed. I once was hit dy a drunk driver.that reeked of booze all the cops did was take the asshole home because he was a fellow cop.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

So glad that Tom is okay. I know he is hurting but it could have been so much worse. What a blessing that the Sheriff came by and also that other man. Obviously that man was not in shape to drive.

Rachael said...

How scary! I am so glad he's okay!

Condo Blues said...

OMG! I hope Tom's OK. I also hope they throw the book at the impaired driver. Clearly he shouldn't be driving at. all.