Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year

Today has taken its own turn and I am no longer in control. I went to an auction this afternoon and I was just sure there would be absolutely nothing there that I wanted. I had looked at the online catalog and didn't see a thing. Well the very first thing I saw was a carousel animal from was a goat! No matter what I was going to have to bid on that guy. Just about an hour before the goat was to go up, my husband called and told me he was going to need to go to the ER at Mayo at some point.

He's been sick for several days and coughing something awful but he thought he might have broken a rib with a particularly violent sneeze. I told him I would leave the auction (but I really wanted to stay!) But he said he was still watching bowl games and making dinner so he'd go late tonight.

It's late tonight and we are at Mayo. Looks like he has a touch of pneumonia and we caught it early enough that he can go home tonight. He's getting a breathing treatment in a few minutes so that will be helpful.

Who knew the day would turn out like this.

I'm writing this from the ER room so no pictures right now, but I couldn't miss the first day of the new year!

Oh and I didn't get the goat. Bummer. I only wanted to go as high as $200 but went to $300 and stopped. The guy I was bidding against wasn't going to stop for awhile. I could just tell.

I have pictures though. I'll add them to this entry and probably tomorrows too

Happy New Year!

EDITED - We're home! He has cough syrup, antibiotics and an inhaler (if needed.) I know I sounded like a meany when I said that I didn't want to come home from the auction, but you really have to know the dynamic between Tom and I. If he needed to be rushed to the hospital, he would have told me he was going to need an ambulance if I didn't get home in a moment. Since he said he might go in a few hours, I knew I had quite a bit of time. He wasn't going to go any sooner if I rushed home.  As it turned out I had to talk him into going a few hours after I got home anyway. 

I also thought it was funny that I said I went to the auction even though I figured there was nothing I wanted. I was interested in looking at a bunch of the items, but I had no desire to own them. Not to mention I was sure they'd go for much more than I was willing to pay. I was right, too.  Tom and I used to go to a really great New Years Day auction in Michigan and I was really wanting to do something like that again.  Since Tom was going to be coughing all day, I thought this would be a great thing to get me out of the house, too!

Speaking of the auction -

Wanna see the goat?

Tom said he's really glad that I didn't get it - he thought it was ugly as could be.  I didn't think so at all!  I thought he was just dandy.  I think he's going to be my unofficial mascot for a little while :)  I took several pictures of him.

I hope the crud has not gotten to your homes. 
Be well,


Keetha Broyles said...

I'm so sad you missed out on the goat - - - that would just have been too cool for you.

Sorry you are spending some time at the ER, and not for a paycheck like FH does. Hope your hubby feels better very soon and life returns to some semblance of normalcy!!!

Ann in the UP said...

I didn't think you were a meany for not rushing home, but I think the cosmos was rescuing you from buying that goat. Honestly, there's a much handsomer speciman just waiting somewhere for you.

I'm glad his pneumonia was caught early and he got to go back home. (I'm glad you didn't watch the MSU bowl game, either. Painful stuff!)

I should have had my camera out yesterday. Three antlerless deer snacking at the bird feeders. One just laid down out of the wind by the deck. (head shaking. . . .)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

So sorry about Tom being sick. Glad he did go and get that taken care of. Hope he feels better soon.
So on to the goat, it's wonderful!
It looks really old, sorry you missed out on it but at least you have pictures. Happy New Year.