Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day Two - Kinsale

Kinsale, Ireland.

We have gotten up, eaten breakfast at our B&B - I had smoked salmon and eggs - the smoked salmon was more like loks, much much thicker. It was certainly very good, but not what I was expecting...very very rich. I had to leave almost half the salmon on my plate. Today is the market in the middle of town - goodness, the wonderful food that was in teh market - I expected the market to be fruits and veggies, but it turns out it is quiches, brownies, sprouted seeds, dreid fruits, nuts, olives, breads, spreads, cheeses and so much more. I took some photos.

My husband, sister, father and I are all going on a walking tour of the city in a few minutes. It's quite chilly with the sea breeze - I think they said the high was supposed to be 15 or 16c -- I have no idea what that is, but everyone around here is pleased with the forecast, so I guess it will be lovely.

We ate dinner last night at a tapas restaurant right on the harbor. It was quite lovely.

Leigh, I haven't seen any Butlers, but I've been looking. :)

OK, family has arrived, it's time to walk! See you tomorrow!

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Keetha said...

Oh, I can't tell you how HAPPY I am to keep finding these little updates live and in person right from Ireland!!!!! It allows us to "join" you on the trip!!!