Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Sparkle (rerun)

This post originally ran April 26th, 2008, right here on The Goat. As I was cleaning my condo getting ready for my trip, I used a lot of Sparkle - so I thought I'd find this post and declare my love for this product once again. :)

I just have to say -- I've used this window cleaner since I was a small child. My mother bought it, so I bought it. Not very many stores carry it, but Meijer Stores in Michigan carried it and when I couldn't find it here in Florida I had my husband buy several bottles of it when he drove to Michigan a few years back. THEN, the most amazing thing happened. I was looking for floor cleaner at the local ACE Hardware store in Daytona Beach and there it was - sitting on the bottom shelf, in a gallon jug.

I could hear the choir


I was almost out of the glass cleaner & had seriously been wondering what to do. But no more, no more!

I just recently went to one of the Ace Hardware stores here in Jacksonville, FL and the choir sang again.


It was there in all it's Sparkle beauty.

This window cleaner doesn't have ammonia in it, it is purple and it is de-ioninzed (whatever that means) and it is one of my favorite things - right next to the Magic Eraser, The Absorber and my dishtowels :0)

Have a great day!


Sharinskishe said...

I have not heard of Sparkle before. But it sounds great in that it does not have ammonia in it.

I will have to look around here, when I empty my current cleaning bottle.

Thanks for the info.


Marchelle said...

OMG this makes me laugh!! My mom used that stuff when I was little, and I remember one time she was on the phone, and I was playing with the bottle (I had to be around 4 yrs old) and thought since it LOOKED like grape Koolaid, it probably tasted like it too! Guess what?! IT DIDN'T!! I sprayed my tongue and it went kind of numb and I was trying to get my mom's attention with my tongue out saying "UUUHHH!!! UUHHHH!!!" and she was all "I'm on the PHONE! Just a minute!!" LOL!!
I'll have to see if we carry it here in Indiana anymore... Might just buy some for the nostalgia! But I won't spray my tongue this time!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

I dont remember this post so I am glad you ran it again! I will have to give this a try.