Tuesday, May 05, 2009


An assortment of Pocket Mods that I'm taking with me

I'm finishing up the last of my projects before we go on our trip. Of course I'm making a semi-crafty project. One of the things I thought I wanted was a weekly planner, but after reviewing it, I realized I wanted something more flexible. However, the Weekly Planner from The Storque is just so sweet, you have to see it. They also have a fabulous video on that page that shows you how to fold the paper. It's a lot less confusing than the one from Pocket Mods, yet they are folded exactly the same way.

Pocket Mods has a lot of different ways to lay out your planner, so I chose to use that one. They have lines, grids, calendars, contact sheets, music staffs, story board pages, and many many more. It is really customizable.

Front and back cover of this particular Pocket Mod - Lined paper and a food journal

I printed off a dozen of the Pocket Mods for my trip (at the end of the week!!!) and have gotten them all folded and in my suitcase. I have two of them in my purse as well as a pen and a sharpie.

I need paper to write on while on the trip because I'm blogging the trip - although I won't be guaranteed a chance to post until I get home. I signed up for NaBloPoMo again this month and even though I won't be able to post every day, I will write a post each day - so in a weird way that counts. I have prewritten a dozen posts to run each day while I'm gone - so don't go away. My goal is to have a post a day for the entire year. I haven't missed a day in at least 6 months :) but I'm going for all of 2009!

The interior pages - any of which can be folded to be the outside page.

So back to the paper. I wanted to be sure that I could have something easy to pack, easy to put in my pocket, easy to write on and wasn't a perfect little book that I'd be afraid to write in (for fear of having to cross something out! - the horrors) so the Pocket Mods or the weekly planners are perfect for this. I've used them before, but never got into the habit of using them daily. Maybe I will after this trip.

This is my stack that's going with me.

Go ahead and make your own mini notebook out of one sheet of paper. It's pretty cool.

One last thing - the list of things you need to have on hand (according to the links I posted) - they are in overkill mode. I used my computer, my printer, standard copy paper and scissors. That's it. You don't need a bone folder or exacto knife or a paper cutter. Paper and scissors. It's easy, affordable and fun!

Have a fabulous day!


Sharinskishe said...

You are so funny: "the horrors" of writing in a perfect little book and maybe having to cross something out! I completely identify with this! I had crossing things out, however, I cross things out all the time- I have to, my brain doesn't always work congruently.

Sometimes I get creative and doodle the mistake away. But.....

I really do understand. I love this idea of your planner, I will have to look into this. It would be very helpful.

Thanks for sharing. I wish you safe journey and God's blessing on you and your husband as you prepare and travel on your vacation. I am sure you will have an awesome time.


Sharinskishe said...

Can't believe I missed my 'bad mistakes' even when I proof read!! I meant to say:

I hate crossing things out.....

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