Sunday, May 24, 2009

Good Bye Nenagh

On this morning we are leaving Bayly Farms. (sounds like Bailey) I just had to walk around and take a few more pictures before we left - but I never did get one of Desmond and Jackie - that's too bad, they were wonderful hosts.

This was the breakfast set up that we came down to this morning. The pineapples were delicious! and looked so pretty cut like that. We had a traditional Irish Breakfast again, with that glorious Irish bacon that I was going to know and love even more in the days to come.

This was part of the sitting room. The little ceramic dogs in the windows were so cute - and yet I almost expected them to be there when we first arrived.

I thought this was the same window as the inside, but I see it isn't. This window is much smaller than the one in the picture above. So there must have been several sets of them. The wisteria vine was in full bloom.

This was the door that led to our bedroom. I tried to get a few shots of the interior, but all I could get was either a bed and a wall or a window lol The slanted roof made it difficult. All I can tell you was that the bed was very very comfortable and I was sorry to say goodbye to it :)

Back downstairs - these were the interior set of doors on the main entrance of the house. There are actually three sets of doors in that tiny space. The exterior ones are bright green (as you can see on the exterior shot above) then there's this set of doors with the glass panes, then along the side, you can see the next set that look more shutters. There's even a hole cut out for the door knob to go through.

I think originally the white doors with the glass panes where the exterior doors and the other set were indeed shutters to keep the cold out. Then the entrance way was added to the facade, which required a totally new set of doors.

It's all so confusing - yet interesting!

Another view of the sitting room - the large white doors led to the dining room where we ate breakfast. I loved opening those doors. They were giant and heavy and original to the home.

I took this picture mostly to show off the wood floors. Those planks were huge and so well worn.

Look at the feet on this piece of furniture! They were so detailed.

Another exterior shot of the Bayly Farm house - the upper window is where my Dad stayed.

You can just see a hint of the vine growing outside the window of his room. I loved the detail on the window - the curved part of the double hung window. I thought it was unusual, but as we traveled through Ireland, I noticed that detail on most of the old windows. Once again the shutters are on the inside of the windows and fully functional -- of course, I opened and closed them several times :)

Off we go to our second location in Ireland. Kinsale.

I've got a lot to show you, so be sure and come back.


Keetha said...

I'm in love with Bayly farm, I wanna go!!!!

Sharinskishe said...

What an awesome home! I am now thinking about putting window shutters on the inside of my home to keep the light (at night) and cold out!!!

steviewren said...

Great pictures. I love travel and architecture.

jennifer said...

Oh how BEAUTIFUL! Have fun and travel safe!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

the exterior shot of the Bayly Farm house looks like a painting! So pretty!