Sunday, May 24, 2009

Note Cards

I broke down.

I know I said just a few days ago that I don't shop very often

BUT when it comes to stationery, I have a hard time resisting.

These are the cards that I ordered the other day from ilee's Etsy shop. Last year I ordered a few things from her shop for Christmas but when I first found her over a year ago, I ordered note cards.

The cards are all gone now. Not a single letterpress card was in my stash.

I wanted to write Thank You notes to a few people and all I had was my recycled note paper. That paper is really cool, but for people who don't know me, getting a Thank You note on a torn out piece of a catalog is confusing.

So anyway, a few nights ago I caved in.

The package of cards arrived yesterday. I didn't expect them to arrive until the middle of the week, so this was a nice surprise! Enclosed with my order were these two Letterpress Thank You cards. I love that she does that. It's the perfect way of saying Thank You!

Thanks ilee! I love your Etsy shop.


Keetha said...

And very cute they are, too!!!

Sharinskishe said...

I think your reasoning for buying such beautiful and useful cards makes this purchase a need not a want.

You are doing awesome. Keep it up!