Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm in Ireland!!

I'm in Kinsale, Ireland at an Internet Cafe - we are just south of Cork on the coast. WE are staying at a B&B called The Gallery. It is lovely.

Yesterday and the day before we were in a place called Nenegh (nee - naw) a few hours west of Dublin - Oh goodness, we spent most of our time getting lost and hitting things. We have two vehicles and 6 people, so half the tie we were losing each other and takign wrong turns, but eventually we'd meet up again. The other night at dinner we wrote down all of the things that we hit with our cars - here's the list.

1 - cowgate post (stone of course)
1 - stone wall
1 - almost head on collision
1 - mud hole (one of the cars is covered in a light mist of mud)
3 - hedge rows
1 - traffic cone
1 - side view mirror

Not a bad list if I do say so myself. So far we haven't hit the other cars traveling on the wrong side of the road (oh right, that was us!!) we haven't hit a bicyclist, or a person walking their dog or or or or or or -- but goodness, I swear these roads are not big enough for two cars going in opposite directions.

It's 4pm right now here in Ireland. We'll be going down to the harbor in about an hour. Tom and I wanted to do a little shopping ~(or window shopping) but when we saw the internet cafe we both looked at each other and nodded. Our B&B is less than a block away, so I'll be sure to come back tomorrow and give another update.

I've taken nearly 200 photos - cows, green land, cows, green land, doorknobs, window moulding, floorboards and shop signs. oh and probably some more cows and green land :)

I'll have to get some pictures of my family so that we know we went on the trip with something other than cows haha

It was great seeing your comments Keetha, Leigh and Ruth Ann. Thanks so much! I'm quite surprised at how easy it is to not miss the TV, Internet and Telephone. I wish our phones would work over here, it would be so much fun to twitter and live blog our adventures. I'm doing pretty good at writing stuff down on my pocket mods. I'm thinking my desire for those items will surely return quickly.

One last thing before I go, I started the book Twilight on the plane ride over here and finished it up last night. Goodness, I certainly did enjoy it. I'm SO glad I waited to read it. The long long long flight would have been a lot longer had it not been for such a delightful book. Thanks Marchelle! (Chronicles of a Working Mom - is her blog, I think)

Thanks everyone! talk to you later!


Marchelle said...

as soon as i saw your post come up in my reader i thought "i hope she gave her twilight review!!" =)

i can't WAIT to see some of the beautiful photos! ireland is a truly gorgeous place and i'd love to go someday!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Just be careful driving that car. Try not to hit anything else. Smile.
Sounds like you are having fun. I cannot wait to see the pictures you take. You may have to burn me a disk of the landscape pics. I love looking at pictures like that.
You and Tom have a wonderful time. Enjoy your time together. And look for anything "Butler".

Enjoying the updates!

Keetha said...

I'm on pins and needles to see the B&B - - - hope you got pix of THAT.

Your list of things hit is quite a hit list - - - pun intended.

I'm soooooo glad you spent some time in an internet cafe talking to us back here, we MISS you.