Monday, May 11, 2009

DIY Notepads

I fancy myself a crafty person - crafty as in making stuff. I like to create. I think my favorite thing to work with is paper. Every new catalog that comes into the house I am salivating over the photos and pages. I want to use them in something, on something, for something!

I just found these tutorials on how to make notepads. It sounds like something that might be just be creative enough, easy enough and doesn't require lots of new equipment or tools.

Take a look, it might be a fun family project or something you may want to do for Christmas gifts, or birthday gifts or just to keep all those scrap pieces of recycled paper together in one or two convenient piles.


How to make a notepad - Chocolate on my Cranium

How to make a notepad - The Small Object who also has an Etsy shop where she sells a DIY kit with everything you need to make many many notepads. Many Many!

Great tutorial on how to make notepads at Maggie Made It - It's 4 pages, but well worth the read.

Notepad clamp - The Crafty PC

I hope I can find some fun papers to bring back from my trip for my new notepad crafting adventure!

Have a fabulous day!

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Ruth Ann said...

Very cool! Thanks for sharing! Remember how you said that you use to collect rubber stamps? Well once a year in Pittsburgh this store has a used rubber stamp sell! There are all these women fighting over rubber stamps and it's awesome! Wish you lived closer so you could go with me!