Friday, May 15, 2009

Isle of Man

We're here!

We're here!

Coming to you live from the Isle of Man, it's Kristin! :)

We had really nice weather in Ireland but it has been raining and raining some more here on the Isle of Man (IOM.) I finally had to buy a windbreaker jacket this morning. I was going to just buy an umbrella, but I wasn't too thrilled about that because my arms just get so sore walking with an umbrella in the rain & wind. Besides that, I had my bag to carry, too. So anyway, we popped into this embroidery/T-shirt shop to see if they had any umbrellas and in the back of the store they had these windbreakers. They were £24 each (that's roughly $38) and I've never had one, so now was a good time to start. I only had long sleeved shirts, sweaters, gloves and a scarf - everything that would love to soak up the rain instead of repell it.

So far we have taken busses, horse drawn wagons, steam trains and electric trains the two days we've been on the island. It has just been great. We sat up on the top of the double decker bus today just to tour the country. Since it was so rainy, we thought this was a perfect way to see IOM and it was. It was also the warmest transportation we have had today!

My sisters and my mom all went to a cemetery today. I really wanted to go with them, but all of this wet weather has been really hard on my hips and I've had a terrible time being in the rain for any length of time. Standing out at the cemetery reading headstones would have been more misery than joy, so they are going to photograph as much as they can. We are of course specifically looking for Corlett headstones but all of the Celtic cross headstones are just so cool it's hard to pass them by.

Today I saw the Laxsy Wheel (a big water wheel for an old mine), rode the electric train, at a place called The Swan in Ramsey, IOM, bought a jacket and have visted an internet cafe. Tonight I may be seeing someone named Kelly Corlett - she lives here on IOM and she may pop on over to our hotel to say hello. I met her on Facebook when I joined one of the groups about having a Manx name. Anyway, her boyfriend likes Michigan State University, so we brought him a ball cap.

I've just got a few seconds left on my pre paid, non refundable internet minutes, so I'll be talking to you live on Sunday from the good ol' USA. Not sure if I'll get to a place in Dublin tomorrow.

Have a fabulous day!

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Keetha said...

I'm waiting on pins and needles for the PICTURES of this trip.