Sunday, August 09, 2009

Amazing Dare Dozen

Someone in blogland pointed me to the Orisinal games and even though I'm not much of a computer game gal, I've come to really enjoy this site.

I love this game. It's easy, yet complicated. It's the Amazing Dare-Dozen. This is the little icon you click on to get to my favorite.

Each little square is a different game and I've only played a few of them, so let me know if you find one that is your favorite!

Have a great Sunday!


Ruth Ann said...

OOOOH not good! You're going to get me addicted to computer games again! Now I'm really not going to get anything accomplished! I'll try it tonight after the kids go to bed! Thanks for sharing!

Ruth Ann said...

Oh my gosh...just played it and it's sooo awesome...can't wait until I play hours of it tonight! :)

Ruth Ann said...

I can't play anymore of these games! lol They are all soo addictive...I feel like it's mind control or something...I become obsessive about beating my score and I don't blink...I have to stop! lol